16 Aug 2022

Security Practitioners needs trust and respect from their clients now even more so than ever before.

The world going through major economic issues besides life impacting incidents that could impact their Clients.

#SecurityPractitioners must build stronger relationships with their clients through education. There are certain assets that the security industry has that can easily be used to achieve the objective. This involves the same skillsets that are used to find the crime and perpetrators.

The problems

Not all security practitioners get to meet the Client’s CEO and may report to the accountant, HR, chief engineer. The accountant considers security as an expense. The HR may not know that there is more HR in security than in HR itself and the engineer – well, we do not know why they are involved but for some reason we have heard that some security managers report to the chief engineer of some sites.

The term security seems be a demeaning word to the extent that we have seen security managers change their title to Risk Managers.

#TheClient should select their security services if they #TrustAndRespect the security practitioners. Once this has been achieved then the client views security as an investment and not an expense. The educated client will not shave the security costs when they are profit protecting even more so their revenues.

So, how do we earn trust and respect?


Hello Mr/S Owner. Tell me something, has people lied or hidden information from you in your business or personal lifeI could ask you the question in a different way – have you ever been betrayed?

It is quite normal – all people have gone through such experiences.

The security practitioner cannot afford to be misled. To this end, Mr/S Owner the security practitioners must out-think and outsmart criminals and perpetrators. There are millions that are thinking daily out to out-think and outsmart the security system which is the technology and workforce. Therefore, we train how to read people and the situation in such a way that the security practitioners can quickly assess a situation because they may need to manage a life impacting or deadly incident. To do this, there has been intensive research resulting into the easiest and most effective methods for using lie and deception detection to read people and the situation.

Knowing where you truly stands with others save a lot of time, effort, money and above all disappointment.

The security practitioner then provides tool access for a year to a program. Within the tool is also information on criminology, risk and investigation. The Mr/s Owner now is using a life-skill and has something in common with the security practitioner to the extent that the Mr/S Owner begins to trust and respect the practitioner to the extent of asking them to provide additional services. They (Mr/S Owner) actually become ”security-partners” and could take the security practitioner into confidence more so than before and could involve besides trust the security practitioner on personal issues of concern.

Then the security practitioner suggests to the Mr/S Owner. Consider using the new skills for their business and negotiation unit because the negotiator that can read the other better derives more out of the negotiation. This makes sense and expands the security training to the sales team of the Mr/S Owner’s business. (Security skills are transferrable!)

Then the security practitioner suggests profit protection methods because the price to live is becoming more costly and the country is going into major depression. The practitioner suggests that the Mr/S Owner summons the Accountant and HR to a meeting. The security practitioner is versed in the presentation for each for their departments and outlines the methods to profit protect their business using security services.

The security practitioner also states that there is crime in all departments and job functions. The accountant must find their unique crime using security soft-skills besides their forensic training and the HR person should consider layering their workforce by skillsets (security styled) as well as managers that have a multi-cultural workforce by using leadership skills (security styled).

Going further

Then the security practitioner goes further and builds a stronger relationship with the MR/S Owner by providing them a continuous flow of intelligence so that the MR/S Owner becomes a thinking and participating security practitioner trusting and respecting the security industry.

This is the security industry. We know what we are doing!

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