09 Aug 2022

Heads-Up Latest Threats Update

#HeadsUpSecurityThreatsUpdate . #2MajorThreatAnnouncements 

1. MPOX: The first threat is that only one pregnant woman in four with monkeypox could deliver a healthy baby.. A study in Congo of 222 discovered a high probability of miscarriages and fetial deaths. Consequently, all pregnant officers or officers with pregnancy in their life space in certain countries, cities and sites must not be on the frontlines. View research link https://lnkd.in/dr3KsXHv . The sponsored freely biological threat security protocols can be downloaded from HIM.

2. #OMEGAStatus. The #UnitedKingdom has alerted with #DepressionAlert following the #USA acknowledgement with #technicalrecession last week.
In #Kenya the levels of #stocktheaft have increased dramatically. #InAllCountries, all practitioners must evaluate their own status according the inflation rate and the crime associated to the threats in their location

The research in the #XFactorInSecurityCriminologyRisk includes now ‘Catastrophe Security’ which means that all practitioners should plan for the worst and goals should be focused by all on certain issues that could impact their location or field of interest.

It is vital to profit protect themselves besides their clients. High-risk sites, products and criminal behaviour that occurred in some countries during covid19 could be re-enacted however with increased size and scope.

View the Free updated protocols for security officers here https://lnkd.in/d8KnbAB

And the #XFactorSecurityCriminologyRisk (view chapters 11,12 and 13) can be found on https://lnkd.in/d_FrXG4x