19 Apr 2020

Re-designing goals and protocols for Covid-19

Previous risk plans, goals, purchases, skill criteria and protocols could be irrelevant.

Surgeons consult with surgeons because lives hang in the balance!

This pandemic may impact the budgets and goals for selection of equipment, technology, manpower and standard or distinct training with protocols for distinct purpose.

There may be some companies that have inadequate technology, insufficient equipment, and manpower that are not skilled sufficiently (though some may disagree) or are the right people for the job.

  1. If there is some form of incident management reporting system and possibly not getting the most out of it – then there is a major problem. Accurate reporting will uncover or discover evolving issues that must be addressed accordingly. Therefore, distinct [HIM] knowledge must be known to comprehend the narrative and the changing structure.
  2. If there is no temperature detection then you are providing access to contagious threats.
  3. If the manpower is not practicing layered security and dressed accordingly at each layers stage with the right equipment then the mitigating force will be a major factor because they do interact with other humans
  4. What was relevant skills may not be sufficient and effective. Furthermore, if practitioners have character traits suitable and appropriate for a distinct security layer then, there will be even more problems, with life impacting or life and death outcomes.
  5. There is a bit more to the above but what was illustrated above should give guidance for thought and motivation to explore more besides keeping track of specific developments in distinct fields.

Security Managers that purchase equipment, technology and manpower must be able to upgrade or select the right products and services that not only will be highly relative for this moment in time and the next but will be required in years to come because this covid-19 event will set new standards.

Security Owners and consultants may be loosing clients due to an economic meltdown, however, the enlightened practitioners that comprehend the big-picture will be able to identify demand for technology, equipment and manpower that are trained in specific skills. Furthermore, the educated practitioner will be able to eloquently discuss issues that are relevant by drawing attention to distinct criteria or issues that must be addressed.

This unique situation calls for the right mentality for the job. It calls for Practitioners to know how, why and what protocols to consider.

A simple – yet highly effective research based tool is available, that provides the easiest and most effective method to read the situation and the people involved. The tool also contains guidance articles and protocols. The HIM e-Connect Tool is endorsed by bodies that are highly proactive and contain serious professionals that can advise, suggest and support all sectors.

Success in limiting the covid-19 collateral damage will depend on the level of situational awareness [KNOWLEDGE] of the decision-makers [PEOPLE ON THE ROUND] and REACTION SPEED