29 Jan 2020

Security and HR should use the same incident management software

By following the dots (reports) HR and Security practitioners working together can synergise and cross skill intellect to comprehend the big-picture. Each practitioner then can section their interpretation that is relative to their region of responsibility to strategically adopt their remedies.

Incidents (dots) do take place and should be reported accurately. The HR department could identify an issue in theater and then adopt or upgrade skills to limit or mitigate the collateral damage. For example; in hotel there may be reports of foreign visitors from a specific country or culture that tend to get highly irritated and upset. The HR could then consider educating their staff on cultural diversity to reduce misinterpretation or themselves being misunderstood. Simple explanation; touching someone with the left hand or winking at someone could cause an aggressive response.

Expanding on the above, HR reporting on all aspects in relation to reporting of bully and abuse could point to either skills to be adopted or other measures used to limit or mitigate collateral damage, for example education on violence in the workplace or on sexual misconduct. Also, Security Practitioners must be able to identify if people are being bullied and abused because , those are the tools that transnational or local organized crime, gang crime or the lone wolf predators use. They need to go further by identifying if the person is working on their own accord or in concert with others either voluntarily or under duress.

HR and The Security Practitioner knows that there are issues related to reporting. Perhaps the reporting is insufficient or unreliable, meaning that not all incidents may be reported because of someone is trying to protect their own job, perhaps protecting others or has a vested interest in the incident, or they have other motives such as cultural or religious bias.People do lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda. Therefore, they may provide unreliable or insufficient information to the interviewer that is compiling the assessments or reports. Obviously, there are people that are uneducated in the field that have no idea that something has happened. Therefore, the biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground.

Both HR and Security must know the intentions of others besides knowing if people can work in harmony and as a team. The HR practitioner may use sophisticated pre-screening physiological methods, but the security practitioner must be able to detect within seconds the intentions of others besides managing the emotions of others in volatile situations. Sure, the HR may have a method to identify if a person is honest and sincere, but people could compromise their moral code when crime steps in. The security practitioner also must realize that there are people that can read them better while they are reading others. There are seducers that can outsmart or out-think the practitioners.

Authentic and reliable information must be inserted into the software

Any action or reaction based on unreliable or insufficient information is nonsensical

The professional security practitioner certain skills because the lives of others hang in the balance and therefore specialize in certain skills. For example; the practitioner that cannot read if a person is lying or hiding something should obviously not be in the field. Same goes for the HR because it is needed for vetting and compliance besides handling disciplinary hearings or functions related to such.

HR and Security Practitioners must also use the skills for negotiation, because they do recruit, sub-contract or purchase goods and deal with suppliers. The negotiator that can read the other better derives more out of the negotiation.

One must comprehend the fact that we are in a new age where research is at an all time high due to the discovery and use of technology, educational tools and comprehension of the human mind.Subsequently, professional development using Neuroscience or the use of scaffolding the knowledge to digest with higher retention levels is required in security training because these practitioners have to react instinctively.

Lastly, Critical Thinking is used to GET THE MOST VALUE OUT OF INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE – by comprehending the narrative and formation of a structure by following the dots (modus operandi). Consequently, Critical thinking is defined clearly and proven using the appropriate hypothesis in security and criminology to support the outcomes.

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