15 Jan 2020

Security Managers are head of intelligence

How is intelligence described? It is described here on google as ” the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”. Furthermore, google adds ” the collection of information of military or political value”

The Security Managers are highly intelligent ‘IQ’ wise and emotionally intelligent ‘EQ’. They have to out-think and outsmart criminals that are in a constant state of trying to beat the security system (technology and manpower).

Any action or reaction based on insufficient or unreliable intelligence is nonsensical and criminal when it could impact the lives of people.

The description describes the intelligent person uses intelligence to secure and protection their location or field of interest. Intelligence is knowledge and this is where criminology plays its part in the knowing of criminal methods, cultural behaviour and crime culture. Crime could be related to the attempted infiltration by transnational organized, locally organized crime, gang crime or the lone wolf predator. Subsequently, skills, technology and equipment may be required to identify a person of interest, determine if they are working voluntarily or under duress.

Biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground

The ostrich syndrome

A security manager reading an incident that happened in another location or field of interest may think to themselves or say ” that would never happen here” – is being naive. They display their miscomprehension of the industry and their job function. They should realize, that they are functioning in the most fluid faculty where new technology, social issues or the human factor could infiltrate and damage in many which ways their cradle of responsibility. What could happen in one part of the world could easily be copied or adapted to infiltrate another location or field of interest.

Relying on Accurate reporting from the people on the ground

Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground (all are decision-makers) and their reaction speed. Based on accurate reporting the managers are able to follow the dots to comprehend the narrative to identify the formation of a criminal structure or an already existing criminal activity in theater. The problem is the people that provide reports may obtain information from people that lie, hide information or perhaps volunteer information. Or, the reporters could provide insufficient information, misinformation or unreliable information because they may fear the loss of their own job, perhaps trying to protect others or are simply clueless.

Security Managers know where, why and how to obtain information; HUMINT, OSINT, WEBINT, COMINT and safeguard against information leakage perhaps using TecINT. Intelligent Security Managers are able to read the situation and the people involved. They have discovered that there is room for concern, know which technology or skills required to train their staff or sumon the necessary hybrid experts.

Good leadership knows where and how to extract information

People are not forthcoming with information when they do not trust or respect the security manager. Leadership (security style); dictates that the security manager has characteristics of having a high level of self awareness and able to regulate their thoughts and actions because they are mentality fit for the job. They are in a constant state of professional development, interacting with like-minded practitioners, access and proactively paying attention to any information or subscribing to intelligence feeding bodies and above all, have a do-it-now attitude.

Critical Thinking Security and Criminology Investigation Management activate the intelligence guidance centre and/or participate in the 1-hour virtual meetings with other like minded practitioners