03 Jun 2019

Security & Criminology Investigation Management recognized by ISIO and IFPO

Security Investigation Management

The most important function for the security manager is investigation. For this reason, they are students of criminology, security and methods of investigation. They may need to investigate;

  • Insider or organized threat
  • Vetting and compliance
  • Theft in all forms
  • Sexual harassment
  • Bullying, blackmail or extortion
  • Illegitimate use of company assets, products or services

to mention but a few.

There is a difference between crime investigators and security investigators The crime investigator is called in after the fact, while the security investigator has to uncover new crime or discover evolving copycat crime.

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and their reaction speed. The biggest nightmare is not knowing the x factor (issues just begun or, in theatre that they are unaware of)

When the investigator is knowledgeable on cultural behaviour and the crime culture that is impacting on their region of interest, the people on the ground or a person of interest then they can mitigate or limit the level of collateral damage. This is vital because they are responsible for life impacting or life and death incidents.

It is not the weapon that commits crime but people. Subsequently, the professional investigator must be able to read the situation and the people involved. Furthemore, they have to out-think and outsmart the criminal or terrorist, consequently, they rely on critical thinking.

ISIO believes that security and criminology must be integrated as, when the investigator cannot recognize the culture of the crime relative to their region of interest and that of other regions of interest, then they will not notice evolving copycat crime.

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ISIO endorses and supports the Security and Criminology Investigation e-book, training tools and the SCIM Certificate. IFPO, – the International Foundation for Protection Officers also partners ISIO and recognizes and endorses HIM tools and e-handbooks. Furthermore, IFPO has a highly relevant range of professional development courses.

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