30 Jan 2019

What type of investigator do I need?

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Difference between investigators

The security manager may use specialist investigators, but, when the security manager themselves do not know what to look for, where and why to look, then they will not call in the right and relative skilled investigators.

The biggest nightmare of any practitioner is not knowing what is truly happening that is in theatre under their own nose. Consequently, their success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and reaction speed. When a security manager has not idea that something exists then they invite collateral damage, therefore, knowledge keys situational success.

The Security Manager must only work with reliable and all-the-information, just like, a surgeon requires cat scans, blood tests, x-rays, etc, before they walk into theatre. Any action based on inaccurate of insufficient information will invite collateral damage. The same applies in the selection of an investigator. The security manager may be proficient in ‘conceptional investigation’ and just like a surgeon calls in other surgeons or consultants that specialize in certain regions of interest.

The investigation is only as good as the investigator


PROJECT BRIEF: The first clue to knowing a true professional is them being quite clear on the project brief. They seek reliable and all-the-information. There are security managers that only give bits of information or misinformation, because they may have their own agenda or they simply are uneducated in critical thinking situational awareness and not skilled in investigation or investigative techniques themselves.

KNOWLEDGE: Must have proof for professional development or subscribe to professional bodies or institutes because new challenges are evolving that are in-line with  the speed of change in crime and terror tactics. A surgeon like the security manager could handle life impacting or life & death situations. Obviously they do so without saying.

SKILL CRAFT: Double check their credentials. Unfortunately there are
charlatans. Furthermore, there are many that believe that because they were crime investigators that they are proficient in a certain field in criminology that they experts in all fields. The point is that the knowledge and skill-sets for security investigation or security audits and consulting.

Critical Thinking Investigation

You may remember receiving a picture puzzle when you were a child. The front of the box had the picture. Once cannot see the full picture when some of the pieces are missing. To comprehend the full narrative (big-picture) we must dissect the situation and examine all the parts, however, the research dictates that many are unaware of all the impacting pieces.

The ‘security’ investigator must be able to identify organized crime (o.c) and terror. It is very possible that their company may already be partners, captured or victims of (O.C) without knowing. Consequently, the investigator would have to identify a person of interest and then to determine if they are working in concert with others voluntarily or under duress. Therefore, they have to identify bullying, blackmail and extortion as O.C uses such methods.

The security manager depends on reliable and all-the-information that is obtained  by observing others, attending professional development workshops or from people on the ground that may lie, hide or volunteer information. Furthermore, there a person-of-interest may be not be insincere but may interpret or be misunderstood as they are from other cultures. Also, they may be professionally trained or street-skilled to read people and therefore, could read the investigator better while the investigator is reading them.

The New Generation

Criminals and Terrorists are in a constant state of thought and research in order to achieve their objectives. There is the crime that we do know and there is the crime happening that no one has uncovered or discovered yet. The speed of new challenges is in-line with the development of technology, besides, the knowledge and new ideas by critical thinking villains or terrorists.

The practitioner must read the situation and the people involved. The surgeon may only hold one life at a time in their hands, whereas, the security manager or investigator may have to out-think the criminal or terrorist that could be responsible for thousands of lives.

ISIO – The International Security Industry Organization is on mission to bridge criminology, security and risk with investigation to; uncover new crime and discover evolving copycat crime.

ISIO works in conjunction with HIM [Human Investigation Management] using New Generation on Organized Crime Virtual and Workshops in person. HIM credentials spells-out clearly, that the practitioner is a professional that is constantly seeking new ideas and professional development to keep themselves in-step with current challenges and in a constant state of seeking issues that others may be unaware of.

ISIO www.intsi.org & HIM www.human-investigation-management.com