Acknowledged as a Relevant & Resourceful Professional

for the New Norm

ISIO provides new generation membership method.


Practitioners in this field work in a fast-changing vulnerability landscape where global threats can emerge at a moment’s notice that could impact their location or field of interest.

These practitioners find the crime and stop it – protect sites and save lives!


”ISIO is an International Brand for Security and Criminology in one. It promotes the highest standard for critical thinking, analysis, and investigation like no other group has thought of. Be part of ISIO and experience the difference!” Dr Rommel Manwong [Prof]

”ISIO, the International Security Organization is where analysts, security professionals, academics, leaders, investigators, and many other critical thinkers are connected. If you feel the above statement is connected to your field  and you are interested as a critical thinker, then do not hesitate to connect to ISIO” Dhafir Shammery MPICT


Be Relevant

  • Acknowledgement of Relevancy

  • Practical Tool to extract reliable and all the truthful information besides priming critical thinking (security styled).

  • Relevant knowledge and suggested protocols for today’s issues. Continuous flow of security intelligence


  • The ISIO Member’s Personalized Digital Certificate (link) will be e-mailed within 7 days from application.

  • ISIO Logo Digital badge is immediately available when access is activated to the ISIO Website.  Certificate and Badge displays that the individual is plugged into the ISIO intelligence network. The ISIO Member has permission to use the ISIO Member logo for the year ending Dec 2024 (as per terms and conditions).

  • ISIO Members obtain Access to the backend of the website that contains All ISIO Insights

  • ISIO provides continuous intelligence be it, alerts and relevant information besides suggested solutions from time to time.

  • ISIO Members obtain FREE YEAR ACCESS
    (valued at $53.00) year to the HIM e-Tool.

FREE HIM Year Access TO ISIO Members

Special Offer ends 1st January 2024


  1. Go through the payment process with ISIO.

  2. THEN, Register onto HIM and send mail to ISIO to inform HIM to freely activate you. 

Register +10 Members and enjoy additional benefit.
– a Free one-hour virtual workshop along with additional benefits for critical thinking security styled

ISIO Member rate/year USD$35.00

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