01 Apr 2022

Security threat status for April 2022

Security threat status for April 2022

The global threats will impact the security practitioner on the ground through-out the world!

In the book ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, he states that there may be times to show your opponent that you are purposely weakening. One should consider such during the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

It is now April and based on what transpired in March dictates that if Russia maintains its course of action or changes to a more assertive approach then the entire world will sink deeper into the second economic meltdown after the pandemic resulting in a greater crime wave.

Ukraine being under threat during March has impacted the price the eat because of their contribution towards the food supply to the world. Also, Russia is the biggest exporter of fertilizer. Russia and Ukraine’s contribution to the food security of the world besides riding on the price per oil barrel and natural gas prices increasing because of Russian supply (energy security) will rise the cost to live world-wide even more so.

The length of time with the amount of damage to the food security and energy security in one month spells out clearly that all previous research done on ‘oil barrel price in relation to conflicts’ as well as food price related to conflicts (e.g. Sudan) sets the stage for research stats resulting in the power of the two multiplied or more in collateral damage.

Business will reduce in size or close, people will get retrenched and the jobless levels will escalate quickly within the next few weeks and months. Even if Russia steps back now, the world will take time to recover. It may be safe to say that if Russia continues with deception and becomes more aggressive through-out April then the impact on the security that transpired during the pandemic will continue to deliver collateral damage because of the cost to live. This is besides the type of crime and scope of crime that has already escalated in the past two years (covid-19 period) or in the past month (world-wide) that will continue to escalate even more so.

Let us keep in mind the low salaries of the ground level staff and the impact on their families. People could break their moral code or be susceptible to being corrupted, bullied or blackmailed. Higher level staff in all sectors of industry or faculties could also fall victim to such because of the same needs or could be motivated out of greed.

The security must profit protect their clients and themselves even more so with strong governance management besides using AI to reduce the expenses and targeting clients that can pay the proportionate rates in time and on time. The companies that knows exactly how to profit protect and can present and action such eloquently will have the competitive advantage.

Keep in mind, the soft targets of concern projected in some countries during the pandemic should be protected now even more so, which are the ones that provide for the basic needs of man. The ‘needs-list’ increased in scope over and above the basic the needs of man research by Maslow (food, shelter, air, water, etc.) because people now have other needs that are just as important to them. This is outlined in the HIM Tool.

All the threats, the types of investigation methods and what to be taken into consideration are practically addressed in the HIM Tool. (Endorsed by CAPSI, ISIO and SASA representing 9.15 million security practitioners)