22 Sep 2021

Now 10.2 million security practitioners on mission

Re-auditing of CAPSI, IFPO, ISIO and SASA now is representing +10.2 Million Security Practitioners join together on mission.

CAPSI [Central Association of Private Security Industry], IFPO [International Foundation for Protection Officers], ISIO [International Security Industry Organization] and SASA [Security Association of South Africa] are on mission to curb the collateral damage of the active mutating biological threat and tailing threats.

Biothreat Security

World-wide, it is the security industry that does the work on the ground. The security industry researched the criteria and tailor made the biothreat security protocols, because it takes the temperature of people using technologies, manages the flow and behaviour of people besides ensures that they sanitize. Furthermore, they litigate or lower the level of collateral damage of the crime related to the threat.

Mucormycosis (black fungus) made its mark during covid19 with a huge spike in life impacting and deadly outcomes in certain countries. The security industry contributed to litigating the infection rate in India when CAPSI informed the police to contain organized crime, street gangs and individuals that were selling or filling old oxygen bottles with old piping besides using the security workforce to find the fungus and summon the cleaners.

MPOX was then identified by the WHO. The security again researched the WHO research that was done in the Congo. Based on the research that one in four women had a normal birth took the initiative to create specific security protocols that was published to the security industry.

AI and Technologies

The speed of innovation of new technologies is phenomenal. Research was undertaken that dictated that some technologies were banned from all government sites.

Furthermore, there are laboratories that tests the performance of technologies such as CCTV, Access Control and Perimeter Security.

However cognitively driven technology such as software platforms for incident, emergency, investigation and risk management are cognitively driven. The research discovered that not many derived the type of results that they desired. Consequently, the security industry acknowledged that appropriate soft skills need to be added such as critical thinking (security styled)

The security industry larger than any military force in the world and plays a vital role in global society.