01 Jan 2020

2020 uncover new crime and discover evolving copycat

Is one of your goals to Uncover New Crime and Discover Copycat Crime in your field of interest or in your location?

Do you suspect that something may be happening behind your back or under your nose that you may be unaware of?

  • Interact with like-minded practitioners in 1-hour virtual meetings 
  • ISIO Approved Members suggest using instruments to heighten situational awareness or obtain evidence for investigation.
  • ISIO Full Members: to know where, why and how to purposely obtain equipment, perhaps to get more value out of incident or crime management analytical software using, knowledge or skills – activate the ISIO intelligence guidance centre
  • To out-think and outsmart the criminal then activate the ISIO intelligence guidance centre to gain the necessary knowledge, guidance articles based and critical thinking manuscripts of research the the HIM e-Connect Tools are based upon.