The back-to-back economic meltdowns that has threated energy and food security set the stage for technical recession going into session and shortly thereafter a global depression. The USA acknowledging formally the Technical Depression, The Shri Lanka ‘issues and pattern of issues’ along with the inflation rates in all countries besides other threats coming into theatre – talk to outcomes that will impact the security industry in various ways.

Against this backdrop the security research has produced issues to contend with and solutions to be considered to sustain the security industry world-wide. The assessment took into consideration the vertical sectors such as security product manufacturers, technology and service providers.

Tony Botes, Administrator of SASA | South African Security Association states’’, The South African Security Association agrees and supports the call for Omega Status. The recent threats over the past few years manifested in collateral damage that was predicted in the research contribution based upon the X Factor in Security Criminology and Risk. The current threats along with the economic status considered will once again result shortly with increased mob demonstrations and riots besides increasing the levels of crime across the board. All security practitioners regardless of field of interest must prepare now and quickly for the worst scenarios that could roll out.’’

Juan Kirsten of ISIO | International Security Industry Organization states ‘’ the cost to live will drive more the crime waves to record heights. The increased numbers of unemployed and desperate people could take to the streets and demonstrate that could manifest into violent riots with policing authorities.

There will be many businesses that will shut down and the security officers will join the ranks of the unemployed. Some businesses may employ non-accredited security officers that would work at lower rates which opens the door to organized crime taking advantage of such.  This is the time that the security regulators must police and enforce the commercial sector to adhere to the security regulator’s compliance regulations in order to litigate organized crime attempts to take advantage of this situation. 

Security companies must educate themselves on how to profit protect their clients and themselves at the same time. They also should intimately know the vulnerability landscape and which sectors to approach to ensure that they have good paying customers to survive the economic meltdowns’’

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