Physical Security Investigation Management

Success depends on the Critical Thinking (comprehending the narrative)
and the level of situational awareness of the people (decision-makers) on the ground
and their reaction speed

Practitioners can use state-of-the-art software and technology or equipment to heighten situational awareness for investigation, and evidence gathering

Tools also may be needed to obtain Reliable and All-the-truthful information when planning, monitoring and mitigating challenges.

Furthermore, practitioners are able to connect the dots using Event Recording, Incident/Crime, or Investigation mapping software, Analytical CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Security, GPS and RFid Tracking Equipment, Mobile phone tracking and Social Media Monitoring, etc, to conceptualize and comprehend the complete narrative (big picture). Also, practitioners may need to use the information to find a person of interest and mitigate if need be information leakage.

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Fundamental Tool
for any criminology, security, protection or risk investigation

The Most Important tool is to assist in reading the situation and a person-of-interest. All stakeholders must be able to read if a person is lying, hiding something or knowing why the person is volunteering information. Any academic or practitioner that is unable to do such, should not be in the field.

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