ISIO is bridging Criminology, Security and Risk with Investigation.


Going into the next decade, ISIO has now re-designed the mission and objectives to be in-line with current challenges and issues that have impacted the world greatly in the past 5 years. This has called now for a stronger integration of criminology and risk management with the security sector. One cannot find or fight crime and limit or mitigate collateral damage if one has no idea that it exists or until such time that horrendous damage is done and lives are lost, which is exposed on the media channels.

Addressing new Challenges

The speed of new issues evolving, and methods related to crime and terror calls for new generation methods to mitigate and limit collateral damage. The Practitioners must read the situation and the people involved but the base-line and cultural behaviour as well as the culture of the crime or terror is different to the West. Migrants, Polarized Neighbourhoods calls for specific methods to identify organized crime and terror. ISIO addresses current challenges but focuses on what others are unaware of.

The biggest nightmare for any practitioner’s biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly going on – right under their own nose.

Objective: Providing Information and Intelligence

The Professional Practitioner depends on intelligence, therefore, ISIO has installed an Intelligence Bank which contains suggested guidance articles to gather reliable and all-the-information. Furthermore, ISIO endorses professional development of unique and specific skills that are required for this moment in time as we are living in a fast changing and evolving world of crime and terror.

Security and Investigations

ISIO HIM runs Virtual and Workshops in person. In this way, we discuss issues on the ground and provide practitioners a tool for investigation. The tools are used to identify a person-of-interest using lie, deception detection and critical situational interviewing. Then follow the information chain to discover if they are working in concert with others either voluntarily or under duress.

Managing Risk

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and their reaction speed.

ISIO works in conjunction with HIM [Human Investigation Management] using New Generation on Organized Crime Virtual and Workshops in person