Security practitioners should research the investments made and market predictions by 2028. There is a difference between PSIM and VMS for usage besides the size of the market share.

  • Why should we know this?

We are in the decade of 4IR with all of us using it whether we like it or not.

The first thing is that we should know is that many buy the bells and whistles and do not get what they would like to get out of it.

  • These instruments are only as good as the users!

The buyers not keeping certain protocols in mind could suffer reputational damage.

  • Where are the instruments being used

All practitioners could use the technology and are involved at various levels for incident, emergencies and investigations. These roles swop their order of priority as there is a difference between crime and security investigation.

  • Instruments must be fit for purpose

There are objectives for security practitioners are to find the crime and stop it or protect sites and save lives. Against this backdrop it is the security criminology-risk investigation department to know what type of crime to litigate using technology besides the information required by the workforce on the ground.

The new norm is to use such technology to also assist in a second objective which is profit protect in the location and the field of interest. There are many reasons to investigate the reasons how, where and why. Knowing such would earn trust and respect from the HR and Financial decision-makers.

  • The instruments together by triangulating the intelligence resources from HUMINT, TECINT, ELINT, DATAINT, COMINT, SIGINT provides conceptional intelligence through reporting systems. The comprehension of the information then feeds valuable information to ether purposely use or insert specific technology besides other counter measures that requires fast reaction speeds or deploy the workforce for specific reasons.
  • The chain of and speed of innovation

We know now that the innovators of technology development are working at a fast rate. We also know that there are millions of criminals and perpetrators thinking daily how to out-think and outsmart the security system (technology and manpower).

  • Stakeholder position

We know that the end users are the security department – not the manufacturers, system ingratiators or installers – it is the security practitioners! It is the security practitioners that must intimately know the crime and risk concerns besides having access to a continuous flow of intelligence and knowledge.

  • Conclusion

Security is only as good as the people involved. They should think in a specific way, know which protocols to use for governance management methods for investing in technology besides the installation and usage of such.

This job supersedes all bias because the security practitioners manage life impacting or deadly incidents

This means that all involved need to know specific knowledge, acquire specific skills and be connected to like-minded practitioners

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