Based on research of the X Factor for security criminology risk the OMEGA Status has been activated by ISIO, CAPSI and SASA representing 9.15 million security practitioners.

The USA acknowledging formally the Technical Depression, The Shri Lanka ‘issues and pattern of issues’ along with the inflation rates in all countries besides other threats coming into theatre – talk to outcomes that will impact the security industry in various ways.

Against this backdrop the research has produced issues to contend with and solutions to be considered to sustain the security industry world-wide and as well as vertically in all sectors such as product, technology and service providers.

The regulators need to take such advice into consideration besides the barging councils in all countries besides all security practitioners in private practise and specially those that protect critical infrastructure.

To obtain the research and to be tapped into the continuous information provided then do view the X Factor link below the cover page. It is 6 studies interwoven into 1 manuscript built into HIM that contains many other tools to investigation a specific location or field of interest.

Find X Factor on the HIM Tool