Workplace Violence Set to Explode!



















Workplace violence set to explode!

The terror attacks will induce violence on many levels and spill over into the workplace.  

There are two distinct forms of active shooter killers

1. Non Muslim Militant Attacks: Active shooter attacks where individuals are responsible and do such horrid attacks due to some mental issues.

2. The attacks by Islamic militants that are motivated by reward in death are branded and associated with certain physical or visual identifiers such as religious dress code for men and woman or facial hair designs on men. 

These visual reminders trigger emotions to which is associated with emotional pain. anger  and mistrust and could be expressed with violent tendencies. 

With terror attacks - increased demonstrations, riots and abuse could be forthcoming from groups that are nationally, politically or religiously motivated. Out of the workplace and on the streets, the Muslims could be targeted with all forms of abuse out of the anger associated to attacks and would motivate the Muslims towards being more right wing minded and bond with their community.This is normal - any group or culture that is under threat will become more defensive towards their culture. This could be motivate the moderates to become even more so conservative towards the religious aspect of their culture being Sharia Law.

In turn, the Muslims will locate to neighborhoods where they would be less ostracized, accepted and feel safer as there is more safety in numbers building the polarization of the neighborhoods. The Sharia police are the neighborhood watch and the religious law will supersede the host country and therefore impact more so on the mentality which may move moderates to extremist viewpoints.

Do keep in mind that these neighborhoods house militants as they are less conspicuous have a support structure , access to equipment and man power to assist in their missions. The inhabitants are therefore less likely to assist the host country authorities in divulging and assisting efforts to curb the terror attacks. 

The Workplace

In order to sensitize workers the HR department may suggest intercultural training and workshops - however, the trainers may  relate the training to body language  but not  know how to use the skills in relation to cultural conduct and cultural communication. 

The security department counter crowd control, boycott demonstrations and settle disputes between cultures understand and apply the knowledge  in such ways to diffuse violent issues. This knowledge has to work in conjunction with deception detection skills training as issues are created when evaluating threats, interviewing witnesses or investigating suspects which could turn into uncomfortable and volatile outcomes. 

The HR departments should consult with professionals in security - protection - investigation that are skilled with the above mentioned skills rather than search for intercultural trainers that not versed in handling life impacting or life&death situations. 

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