What is Situational Awareness ?



















What is situational awareness?

Some may say, ''it is when all your senses are working at optimum levels''

Others may say '' it is having a visual 360 degree view '' of what is going around us''

Our Opinion:

There is a difference between spacial awareness and situation awareness

It is knowing your situation of where you or others truly stand, so that you are clear on position and know what the implications would be on various actions taken.

As in security, it is not the weapon that kills, rapes, maims or creates ciaos - it is people!

In order to know your situation - position - implications, you have to gather information from people.People lie, hide or share information for their own agenda. How do you know the information is reliable. 

It is quite easy to know if someone is lying - but we have to go further and know why are they lying, hiding something or why are they volunteering information. - What is their agenda?

We then have to make decisions. Decisions is based on information. Bad information = disappointment, over compromising, collateral damage, all of which is relative to the situation that is in theater. 

What position does that put you in ?

The person that can read the other better derives more out of the negotiation 

If you are unable to call the person's bluff, you land up compromising at times that make you feel angry at yourself or the other person. 

What is the situation when the person is not looking at you or staring at you when you speaking to them. What is your position that you feel that you are in now? 

When we have to make serious decisions, whereas, these can create positions where the implications can be life impacting or life & death situations. Against this backdrop, security - risk - investigation and protection professionals have to sometimes make decisions and take action within  split seconds.

In protection and risk, we have to gather reliable information to design the most secure method of protecting the human life or lives of the principal's entourage. We may ask questions, but to truly know the situation can save lives. For example, is the principal living a double life, perhaps they have a secret addition, are the kids seeing people their parents do not know about, perhaps they are doing drugs.

There are different issues to be considered and validated. Just by mentioning some described above display ,that, is imperative to know the true situation, which may constitute a different set of actions that need to be taken because of the insecure position and the implicationsof such have to be considered. 

In Building security and Risk. ''Who left the damn door open for the smokers?'' The plan calls for the door to be closed at all times, but, rules will be broken when a person is dying to have a cigarette. What is now the situation - that has placed the position of the risk plan into jeopardy and the implications could be worse with many lives at risk.

In Risk. We may design and plan the risk management based on historic data or challenges in theater pertaining to geographic, political or domestic issues. The biggest threat is current issues on the ground that you may not aware of . 

We are in the here and now - and the risk plan is relevant to each second that passes. People on the ground may not come forward because they may be embarrassed about something they did and do not want to lose their job. Perhaps they are trying to protect someone, or they may have a hidden agenda going which may be serving them financially or for other reasons. 

We base the plan and managing of the plan by gathering information from people on the ground. This must be reliable information. however, as we know - people lie, hide or share information for their own agenda  and therefore we have to clarify the situation, to know exactly what position we are in - in order to take action keeping in mind the implications. 

I know how to read people.

You may be able to read people but do keep in mind that you have no idea who can read you. Your pet hates, secret desires and especially when you are lying or hiding something is on full public view. There are some careers that have to master their true intentions and emotions as lives hang in the balance. 

How to test yourself... - if you are confident in your abilities, then, we suppose that you have not felt betrayed or disappointed when you over compromised yourself since you did your course. Successful people are always looking for new ideas to keep their critical core skill-craft in peak performance just like a heart surgeon has to practice certain exercises to keep their fingers nimble and their brain as sharp as a pin.

Chemical Reactions 

When the knowledge is activated - the neuro-chemistry is stimulated and all your senses are alive and tuned into the conversation, while you listen to the person's language and watch their reactions. Thus, Heightened situational awareness is a state - of - mind by being stimulated with adrenaline and other neuro-chemicals when one is using investigation techniques for evaluating - interviewing or in interrogation interviewing.


”This is certainly where human investigation management techniques need to be considered to ensure an as accurate as possible determination of any assessment of the likelihood and consequence of the risk and/or threat By Dr Jon Hodson

” The accuracy and reliability of this information received will have a profound impact on the decision and ultimately have a major impact on the implementation of any procedure to eliminate or reduce the identified risk.By Errol Peace FIS (SA), MSyl (UK), CFE (USA), AISM (India), IIPS (Nigeria)

The first objective of risk management should be to, ‘Extract Reliable and Usable Information’The second objective is to determine whether the identified risk is acceptable or not with respect to a predetermined scale. In this case management had to make the decision based on their strategic objectives.  They are not able to make the correct decisions if the plan is based on flawed information. Danie Adendorff MSc. Sec Man

Situation - Position - Implication formula used to Evaluate - Interview  - Investigate.

To this end, the security industry is using the most advanced methodsand leads the other industry sectors in using simple educational methods to train the brain to act instinctively.

This form of education that evolves from the industry has the highest retention levels and physiologically alters a person. Normally, when people attend a seminar or workshop, they may remember 2 percent after 16 days. Professionals cannot afford to miss a step and therefore bank and trust in the training methods.

We feel proud to be associated with the security industry.

ISIO Accredits MiM - Human Investigation Management trained by top renowned professionals. Dr Jon Hodson(AU), Dr Vijay Sewduth(RSA), Danie Adendorff MSc (UK),Errol Peace FIS (SA), MSyl (UK), CFE (USA), AISM (India), IIPS (Nigeria)ATR – (UK)(Ex M.O.D forces) & others in various facilities

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