Security Professionals set specific goals for 2018



















There are many people that make new year resolutions and drop-out of the goal plan within a week or so into the new year. Security Professionals cannot afford to drop-out as they hold the lives of others literally in their hands.

In order to set goals, priorities, time-lines, and devise solutions to possible obstacles that may hinder progress, then we need to consider the following;

  1. Mentality: Does the security professional consider themselves just as responsible and professional as a surgeon that holds the life of one person in their hands whereas the security professional holds many lives in their hands at any one time.
  2. Goals in all areas of life: One may put their entire life into work and forget about family and friends, fitness and health, social and relationships, mental stimulation and professional development and then suffer irreparable damage. When a professional's mind is elsewhere worrying about something - then - they are not situational aware in the here and now.
  3. Professional development. Rest assured surgeons have their calendar already booked for specific seminars, workshops and subscriptions booked to specific media, connect up with organizations that filtrate good information, in order to be up-to-date with knowing challenges that have been discovered. Furthermore the know which methods to use to mitigate new challenges.

The security industry is the most fluid sector of all and therefore the security professional must keep their mind-light switched on by doing the same as surgeons. When they keep themselves in the dark - they could be responsible for collateral damage.

  1. What to focus on;

Situation - It is not the weapon that commits crime or terror - it is people

Position - We are in an unsecure position in assessment, planning and goal setting when decisions are based on insufficient or unreliable information

Implications - Professionals gather information from people. People are not forthcoming with information and may lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda. Any assessment, plan or project that is based or monitored on inaccurate or insufficient information will deliver collateral damage. Life impacting or life & death situational outcomes therefore depends on the security professional's mentality, dedication and commitment to continuous learning. They do acquire specific skill-sets and master the skill-craft of a true professional as a surgeon has to by way of their scalpel.

The scalpel for the security professional is - the skill-craft is mind that is trained daily on lie, deception detection and investigative interviewing, simply because they are reliant on reliable and all the information.

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