Managers with Risk knowledge & Security, Investigation skills hold greater value than their companies know!



















Managers with Risk knowledge & Security, Investigation skills hold greater value than their companies know!


The image of the security person is not respected as it should be held highly as a formidable asset in the company.

With due respect to HR and International Negotiators or any other Business Departments. 

The security manager does just as much and sometimes more HR than the HR person in a company, or could even conduct international negotiations than many others

But, the security-protection-professional is viewed and regarded as a loss in companies by accountants. 

Where is the Value?

The biggest problem with the security - protection - investigation manager is acknowledgement by management but the management is unaware of the knowledge that security managers hold and the critical core skills that would validate them as a high valued asset

If the management knew what the job function entails and where the security manager is effective -they would acknowledge that security managers could increase profit margins besides retaining the profits by securing against theft.

The Risk Management knowledge would assist in profit protection by exploring, and investigating issues, environment and conditions in order to invest or to pull out of a situation which is not conducive.

Departmental managers design risk plans and reports, However- the risk management curriculum has one flaw which is the human factor by way of gathering information from people as people lie, hide information or volunteer information for their own agenda. The security and investigation manager can assist all departments and best suited as their critical core skill are deception detection skills. 

There are times when historical data can be used to base an assessment, however, we are living in a constant state of change in relation to living in the global village. Global issues could change the dynamic, for example, we are now in a  state of a multicultural war of thoughts and actions, which could alter the Risk Managers Plan and call for specific attention to staff recruitment or training in different neighborhoods.

Let us elaborate on the HR.

HR is the management of people - mostly recruitment assessment of people and selection of training skills. 

HR people may evaluate and interview people according to Physiography scaled formulas, whereas, security take it further by investigation. Also, Security  personnel have to assess and interact with real life situation in seconds, consider the position and the implications of actions to take. 

There could be instances when they are in 'life impacting' or 'life & death' situations and have to make hard decisions quickly. Therefore, they have to have the ability to read people just like HR people and master the art of reading people even more so using deception detection techniques, as it is under volatile and highly stressful situations. 

How do HR people know who they truly are recruiting? Could the applicants have a motive to be employed in a company besides applying their skill-set or do they have another motive?  By using deception detection skills which security managers need to master - the HR person could be able to detect the authenticity of the applicant, or the security manager could advise and consult the HR.  

There are cities where the 'Polarization of Neighborhoods' is becoming more prevalent to which the security manager could advise the HR manager to place staff with a specific mentality in specific neighborhoods for their own personal security and well being. It would not be wise to place a hard-lined national supporter in a polarized neighborhood by a particular religious or cultural sect.

Dealing with disputes and especially with other cultures. 
HR could be knowledgeable in handling different cultures, however, knowing the knowledge and using the knowledge is quite different

The security manager knows how to use and applies different methods to manage cultures as the reactions of  body language is totally different world-wide when it comes down to cultural communication and cultural conduct.

Security managers evaluate - interview and go further than HR by having to - investigate. They use  interpersonal investigative techniques to get results such as confessions. The HR person perhaps takes notes but how many go further or is aware of investigative techniques to get the truth of the matter, because people do lie - hide or share information for their own agenda. 

International Negotiations

The deception detection knowledge and techniques equips the security managers to negotiate perhaps even more effectively than many other careers. Simply, because the negotiator that can read the other better is the one that derives more out of the negotiation. 

The security managers can spot the bluff, the lie or know that information is being withheld, which puts them into a stronger position to see the bottom line or deal is not authentic or viable.  

The professional security manager knows that their pet hates, weaknesses and when they are lying or hiding something is on full public view. Who knows who can read you? - and therefore, have to at times disguise their true emotions as masterful as an undercover operative or hostage negotiator. 

Therefore,  the security and investigation manager's abilities used more then they would advise and contribute to the talent skill development thus increasing the profit margin even more.

An example, would be - advising or training a specific skill craft to the 'negotiating department' of the company which would lower the level of compromising or company structure to keep the client or deal.This would be by training the critical core skill of the professional which would be deception detection skills in order to manage emotions of staff and clients. 

Are security managers just as professional as heart surgeons as security is not respected as it should be?

The true professional security manager is the one that understands and respects their job function
 is on the same level as that of a heart surgeon, as security success depends on the level of situation awareness of the Decision Maker  on the ground and the reaction speed. 

Therefore, just as a heart surgeon attends seminars, conferences, workshops and peals apples for breakfast to keep their fingers nimble  - so to must a security professional practice their skill craft which is using deception detection techniques to keep their mind and situation awareness as sharp as a pin. 

Most important for Security Managers

You may know the knowledge - but your staff on the ground needs to know this information as they handle volatile situations and their lives are in your hands. Ensure that they are trained by professionals - do not short cut. 


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