isiologo RFID Technology for the Security Industry

ISIO - International Security Industry Organization introducing
Radio-frequency identification Device (RFID)

According to ABI Research - RFiD market to be USD $70 Billion dollars in the next 5 years. Personnel and Asset Tracking, along with other security applications are earmarked for growth.

The technology is so diverse that besides security for asset and personnel tracking,
- it can be used for logistics, asset management, inventory and stock control.- real time.

RFID for the Security Industry

Bringing RFID Technology into the realm of Security Sectors covered by ISIO - International Security Industry Organization.

NOTE : RFiD Stake Holders informing Security Industry

ISIO, The International Security Industry Organization, welcomes all RFiD stake holders to inform security professionals on the technology; how does it work, what are the benefits, the disadvantages and limitations by way of displaying your case study or presenting a new idea which will be promoted through the case study - and new idea link mentioned below

To Participate:

Inform Security Consultants, Heads of Security, and Security - Investigation - Protection Professionals on how to use RFiD technology being able to insert case studies, editorials, video clips for case studies and new idea link.

ISIO - International Security Industry Organization

The Security Industry 22 Vertical Sectors Focal Point.