ISIO - International Security Industry Organization
ISIO - International Security Industry Organization

Belong to the International NETWORK for Security Professionals

ISIO- The International Security Industry Organization is a highly proactive organization and is position in the industry to inform various stake holders of current challenges, market trends, and solutions for operations, mobilization and training in security - protection - investigation

As security is a 'living science', bi-lateral cooperation with trade organizations in different or specialized focused provide a common objective in upgrading and educating their respective sectors of new challenges and solutions in-line with current or emerging threats.

Meeting points - Ifsec, Counter Terror, BorderPol, Securitex, Global Security Asia, Transec,Personnel Protection & Safety Europe, IP Focus Group, IP User Group,MIM Human Investigation Workshops, RFiD User Group. View all meeting points

Users of ISIO: Security, Protection and Investigation Professionals.

These security industry professionals are in operations, mobization
and training

* Military and Defence Security
* Port Security
* Hotel and Casino Security
* Control Station Security
* Law Enforcement Security
* Border Security
* Event Security
* Cargo Security
* City Security
* School Security
* Bank Security
* Rail Security
* Prison Security
* Retail and Store Security
* Industrial Security
* Building Security
* Business Security
* Oil and Refinery Security
* Homeland Security
* Tunnel Security
* Subway Security
* Sport and Stadium Security

* Nuclear Facility Security

* Access Security
* CCTV Surveillance Security
* Perimeter Security

* Security Managers

*Counter Terrorism


Such as;

ISIO Fellowship Membership.

This is membership to an exclusive ' think tank ' of Global Security Professionals that meet up once a year for a few days in an undisclosed venue somewhere in the world. ISIO Fellowship

Ideal for Launching New Ideas to the Security Industry or Case Studies.

ISIO Accredited Training Companies and Trainers.





ISIO - The International NETWORK for Security Professionals