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The contolling software program for a business is access control.
Besides controlling the entry of persons, [It], controls the entry and movement of assets and equipment. Therefore at a push of a button - real time - the building manager, security manager, store manager, customer service manager and the financial manager is able to do a 'stock take', an audit, locate equipment and direct staff. View - The New Generation of Access Control

Industrial Espionage Security : Millions are spent on company secrets, therefore security managers should consider securing company secrets Read More

Tracking and Monitoring Surveillance Real Time with G3 Tablets, Laptops and PC.

Staff, Equipment, Shipment and Deliveries.
View GPS Tracking

Security Professionals cannot afford to loose their smart phones nor have phone hacked.
. Security Technology for Smart Phones.
Smart Phone Security with Anti Theft, Anti Virus, Spyware,
Track, Lock, Upload & Data Trash.


MicroLatch are leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of cost-effective biometrics security and radio frequency (RF) technologies. The combination of biometrics and RF offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility.
In addition, combination with existing security infrastructure and access systems enables card or credential holder identification with our latest release BIOFOB (BIOmetrics keyFOB) and CCF (combination card and finger) solutions, a new dimension in uniquely identifying the person, rather than the credential or PIN! View
Security Industry Notice : ISIO has activated INTERACTIVE groups for Focused Professionals. Meaning, that Security Professionals are able to interact with other professionals in vertical security sectors of interest, to meet other professionals, seek information - give advise. Search for ISIO on Linkedin. Then find Group of Interest. ONLY ISIO MEMBERS are able to upload press releases onto the Groups.

CIAS is recognized industry leader manufacturing perimeter protection devices since 1974. CIAS was the first to produce a Digital Microwave Barrier with Fuzzy logic analysis with possibility to be remotely controlled and tuned. View

is an Australian based company set up to exploit unique and non-conventional technologies for the security surveillance industry. The key principals of the company, each of whom has a track record of having set up new businesses, have all worked in multi-national companies before and have brought along invaluable experience in Sales, Marketing and Product Development. IOMNISCIENT has a team of engineers who create a blend of leading edge technologies in the area of:

* Artificial Intelligence Techniques
* Imaging and Pattern Recognition Technology
* Database and Information Processing Technology
* Distributed Architecture and Wireless Transmission technology
* Complex Statistical and Mathematical Algorithms
View iOmniscient

Altronix Introduces HubSat™ Outdoor Passive UTP Transceiver Hub
With Integral Camera Power.

Altronix is displaying its new HubSat4WP Outdoor Passive UTP Transceiver Hub with integral camera power here at ASIS 2009.

The HubSat4WP transmits video, data and power over a single structured cable, and
accommodates up to four cameras.

HubSat4WP can also be utilized as an accessory module to transmit video from up to 4 cameras over a single CAT-5 or higher structured cable back to the HubWay,
HubWayLD or HubWayLDH Passive and Active UTP Transceiver Hubs. In addition, the
HubSat4WP provides power to these cameras locally to eliminate the possibility of
voltage drop associated with long cable runs. Read More


PCSC expands Access Control Perimeter Security with Fence Alert and Tamper Alert.

Complete facility control, detection and monitoring is now possible. Ensure access control beyond the building.

Fence Alert and Tamper Alert are state-of-the-art perimeter control systems designed for seamless integration with PCSC's hardware and software solutions. A highly sensitive, yet unobtrusive fiber optic sensing cable immediately detects and localizes any disturbance to the fence caused by climbing, cutting, or tampering. Read More

Sicurit Alarmitalia SPA
is an ISIO Approved Supplier
SICURIT is a trusted supplier to many high sensitive areas, with products
deployed for the protection of civilian, industrial and military sites, with
installations in areas such as airports, government compounds, financial
institutions, electrical and nuclear facilities, military bases and correctional

Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd.
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, Industry Security

Dr. Frucht Systems, established in 1995, is, besides its core activity in the Homeland Security field, active in several other fields such as Systems Engineering, Aero Ballistics, Aerodynamic Design, Sensors, Robotics and Expendable Observation Systems.

Dr. Frucht Systems' perception of Homeland Security means tailored design of Virtual Fencing as well as Physical Fencing to provide comprehensive integrated solutions to any specific requirement, based on state-of-the-art technologies, part of them developed in-house. Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd. has in-house Training and Teaching Facilities. See Dr. Frucht Systems

Case study: Steelcase Grand Rapids, Michigan

Protecting the environment is a core value of Steelcase, the nation’s largest furniture
manufacturer. That’s why wh en the company decided to construct a new manufacturing
plant for its Wood Furniture Division, environmental stewardship was the foundation on
which the facility was built. As a result, the building is the first manufacturing facility in the world to be certified under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

Wood furniture is a growing segment of Steelcase’s sales. Steelcase Wood Division’s
new 600,000-square-foot Grand Rapids plant produces about 5% of the company’s
$3.9 billion of product and employs some 700 workers. Founded in 1912 as The Metal
Offi ce Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase is now an international
company with approximately 14,000 employees, and manufacturing facilities in over
50 locations worldwide.

Read Case Study - Go to Steelcase PDF

Case study: Buckman Laboratories International, Inc. Memphis, Tennessee

Buckman Laboratories International, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of specialty
chemicals. The company’s products and materials are applied in the pulp and paper,
water treatment, leather, coatings and plastics, wood and agriculture industries. At its
corporate headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, Buckman called on Johnson Controls,
Inc. to maintain its existing building automation system. The service contract will save
Buckman approximately 18 percent in HVAC operations and maintenance costs, protect
existing assets and provide a migration path to newer technologies.

In 1945 Buckman Laboratories started with one product, one 50-gallon process
vessel and four employees in a small house in Memphis. Today, the company is
a global business producing more than 700 different products and employing more than
1,300 people in 90 countries. Buckman now works with industry worldwide to provide
advanced chemical treatment technologies and extensive technical service to resolve a
variety of complex industrial problems. The company’s expertise spans a broad range of
specialty chemicals including microbicides, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, polymers, dispersants and defoamers.

Read Case Study - Go to Buckman Laboratories PDF

Case study : Novartis Basel, Switzerland

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis is one of the largest pharmaceutical
companies in the world, with over $29 billion in annual sales. The company is an innovative leader in many ways, including the way it has chosen to handle Facility Management at its Basel, Switzerland headquarters location.

Starting in January of 2001, Novartis outsourced all the services not considered part
of the core business of the company to Johnson Controls. This approach is unique in
the European chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but it was only the beginning of a
transformation of the Basel campus. According to the company’s Web site, the company’s goal is to “turn an industrial complex into a place of innovation, knowledge and encounter.”

Read Case Study - Go to Novartis Basel PDF

Magal Security Systems Ltd.
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
Magal has been developing, manufacturing and marketing effective, advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems for over 30 years now. Magal's systems are installed in more than 75 countries worldwide, protecting airports, borders, nuclear facilities, military bases, communications centers, maximum security prisons, governmental facilities and other sensitive installations. Magal has subsidiary companies in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Romania and an office in China. See Magal
Case Study - Industry Security by Mobotix

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena

Since 2001 the institute is residing in a new, modern building on the Beutenberg campus in Jena. With 7,400 square meters of primary floorspace, some 1,500 square meters of greenhouse capacity and an annual budget of around EUR 10 million, the institute’s 270 research scientists and employees from 19 different countries have plenty of opportunities to study this exceptionally complex area of ecology – and to create a new basis for sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture.

Safeguarding Research

To protect the modern building and the institute’s valuable equipment, as urveillance system was installed in July 2004, in which 32 MOBOTIX IP cameras play an integral role.

Valuable Equipment - Day and Night Security

For Johan Brandenburg, technical director at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, protecting the building has exceptionally high priority: "A tour research center , we have a lot of expensiv equipment, some of which cost as much as EUR 2 million, which we completely rely on for the purposes of our work. In addition, the building is quite remote and accessible from all sides - making it a potential target for vandals and burglars." For a period of almost three years, a security company was responsible for protecting the building. "However, we were unable to achieve a satisfactory solution for round-the-clock surveillance. Security guards simply can't be at every single vulnerable point at the same time," explains Johan Brandenburg. "It became clear to us that we could only achieve the degree of protection we wanted with the aid of a powerful camera system."

For more on Case Study - Download PDF

For More on Mobotix
Case Study - Industry Security by Verint.
Idaho Power
The Company
Idaho Power is a privately-held electric utility company with its headquarters in Boise.
Idaho Power generates and distributes electric energy for more than 420,000 customers in a 20,000 square mile area in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon,
serving all or a portion of 28 counties in Idaho and three counties in eastern Oregon.

Operational Overview
Idaho Power owns and operates 17 hydroelectric power plants and shares ownership in three coal-fired generating plants.

Strategic Challenge
Enhance surveillance and security to protect the critical infrastructure of this energy provider's extensive perimeters and remote facilities.

The Solution
Verint® Networked Video Solution

The Bottom Line
Idaho Power has relied on their Verint Networked Video Solution for several years, starting with three sites and expanding the system to seven locations, ranging from dams, power plants, and co-generation plants to the utility's corporate headquarters. The power company had a new gas turbine engine facility under construction and three new sites on the drawing board in 2005.

The Verint Networked Video Solution is specified for all of these new facilities in the planning phase, enabling easy installation as the sites are built.

Idaho Power relies on Verint for surveillance of the extensive perimeters of its geographically dispersed facilities, as well as protection of gated entrances. All video feeds, from wireless and wireline cameras, are channeled to a central monitoring location, enabling Idaho Power security personnel to monitor all sites at
once and quickly dispatch officers to investigate unusual occurrences. Secure Web access allows Idaho Power's site managers to access video feeds from any of their locations when they need to review footage of an incident.

Download PDF

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Access Control Systems

PCSC has been a leading manufacturer of high quality integrated access control systems, including software, intelligent controllers, readers, cards and other components, since 1983.
Core product lines include LiNC-NET(tm) for Windows® software, LiNC-ID(tm) video badging, and PCSC controllers, including Ultimate(tm) Series, IQ(tm) Series, SIM(tm) Series and Micro Series controllers. Reader-and-card product lines include proximity, MiFare smartcard, Wiegand, fingerprint and hand biometrics, bar code and magnetic stripe.
PCSC is an OEM for Honeywell and some of our customers include: Mobil Oil, Pfizer, DHL, Federal Express, Citibank, Sydney Airport, Athens Airport, NCR, Xerox and more.

Secure-Globe Ltd.
Industrial Premises Security Solutions

Secure-Globe is a leading provider of perimeter security solutions. Both military and high security installations as well as low security facilities have benefited from our services and equipment. See Secure-Globe

Baran Access Solutions for Industry Security
Baran Advanced Technologies specializes in R&D and manufacturing of Piezo ceramic Push Buttons, Keypads, Keyboards and Pointing devices. The products utilize a unique patented technology. Our expertise and manufacturing proficiency are in adapting our products to customer needs as dictated by the usage of the equipment and environmental constraints. Read More 
Galaxy Control Systems
Integrated Access Control & Security Management

Galaxy Control Systems is an independent American manufacturer of Integrated Access Control and Security Management Solutions. The firm develops all software and hardware products using its own team of system analysts, programmers, and engineers. See Galaxy Control Systems

GKB CCTV Co., Ltd Video Surveillance

GKB, based in Taiwan, manufactures CCTV products for surveillance systems, including CCD cameras, Dome cameras, Day to Night cameras, Waterproof cameras, IR cameras, Smoke Detector cameras, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), quad processors, monitors, LCD, and new modern Network cameras and Web servers. View
CSI Security Product Distributor/ Integrator in Greece.

CSI was founded to serve the Dutch multinational electronics company PHILIPS as the sole distributor of Professional Observation Systems (POS) in the Greek market.
Traffic control
* Surveillance communications with fiber optics
* Public Address systems of the largest Greek stadiums and underwater tunnels
* Congress systems of Public organizations and Greek Ministries
* Paging and Nurse Call Systems in the majority of Greek Hospitals
* CCTV installations in approximately 800 Greek bank branches
These all clarify our strong presence in the local market. See CSI

Security Product Distributor/ Integrator in Greece.

Zarifopoulos S.A. was founded back in 1972, with main objectives the design, importation, supply, installation, maintenance and distribution of the following systems, from the leading manufacturers and system Companies, worldwide:• Security • Fire Detection • Fire Extinguishing • Fire Fighting Equipment • C.C.T.V. and video image transmission • Access Control • Building Energy Management See Zarifopoulos SA

Prisma Bytes - Security Product Distributor Malaysia, Kuwait and UAE. Prisma Bytes is primarily engaged in the supply, Product sourcing, System design, Integration, installation, testing and commissioning of Integrated Security Systems and related products including Biometric and Smart card control and verification. Currently our products and services are marketed in Malaysia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates See Prisma Bytes page

SEEVID, INC. is the leading manufacturer's representative in the USA - of hardware and system solution suppliers to the • CCTV • Access Control • Fire • LAN-WAN • Fiber-Optic Communication Systems marketplace. See Seevid

Sentry Security - Ireland - Security Services

Sentry Security continually raises the standards of security service provision in southern Ireland. Sentry Security was formed to provide an integrated rage of security related services, with a particular focus on offering an far greater degree of customer care than was previously on this market in south eastern Ireland. Sentry Security have created specialist divisions to cater for the needs of companies within the following sectors.
Financial & Professional, Commercial and Retail Manned Guarding, Transport Sector,
Warehousing and Distribution,Manufacturing and Industrial,Government AgenciesSee Sentry Security

Titan International Security Service

Titan International Security Service provides:
Security Consulting and Surveys
Residential Security and Training Services
Investigative Service Background Checks

Executive Protection
Motivated by their past experiences with firms that promised yet never produced consistent quality, a group of seasoned security professionals came together to form a company that actually delivers on its promises. Titan International understands that in order to provide the best security service, you must start at the beginning. Quality Employees, trained and treated with respect are the key to Quality Service. See

SEEVID, INC. is the leading manufacturer's representative in the USA - of hardware and system solution suppliers to the • CCTV • Access Control • Fire • LAN-WAN • Fiber-Optic Communication Systems marketplace. See Seevid


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