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'' Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision maker
on the ground and reaction speed'' Juan Kirsten

Established 2002



ISIO Meeting Points for Security Professionals.

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The FREE App for Criminology and Security Professionals

Endorsed by ISIO

The Free Criminology & Security App is now available for Computer, tablet or phone

The ItsHIM App contains sub-links to information which is used by professionals

Click on the pic and transport to ItsHIM link which links you LIVE
with the Computer, Tablet or Phone

FREE APP: Search Android Google Play Store for ItsHIM (one word)
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ISIO Fellowship

The ISIO Fellowship is for like minded professionals from around the world together
to share ideas for the improvement of the industry at large.

The '' ISIO Fellowship Round Table'' will meet up once a year in an undisclosed location
to discuss the demands of the industry. View


Free Security Updates through e-mail subscription is provided
to the CSO, Security Directors/Managers of Government, Non Government
& the Private Sector [Sub to isio@intsi.org]


Validating Certification

ISIO Accredited : MiM - Human Investigation Management Certification.

On the MiM - HIM certificate do find the vertification number.

Send an e-mail to isio@intsi.org with the applicants full name and verfication code.





ISIO Accredited Training

MiM Human Investigation Management HIM

Cerificate for Human Investigation Management
Certification - Criminology [CHIMC]








Workshops in Theater

BTC Africa MiM Human Investigation Management

ISIO MiM Human Investigation Management

Australia: Mebourne & Sydney





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