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ISIO Introducers Human Investigation Management

The Security Industry specializes in specific skills as people’s lives could hang in the balance
It is not the weapon that kills, maims, rapes or creates havoc – it is people!


”This is certainly where human investigation management techniques need to be considered to ensure an as accurate as possible determination of any assessment of the likelihood and consequence of the risk and/or threat By Dr Jon Hodson

''The first objective of risk management should be to‘Extract Reliable and Usable Information’. The second objective is to determine whether the identified risk is acceptable or not with respect to a predetermined scale. In this case management had to make the decision based on their strategic objectives.  They are not able to make the correct decisions if the plan is based on flawed information'' 
By Danie Adendorff MSc. Sec Man

” The accuracy and reliability of this information received will have a profound impact on the decision and ultimately have a major impact on the implementation of any procedure to eliminate or reduce the identified risk. By Errol Peace FIS (SA), MSyl (UK), CFE (USA), AISM (India), IIPS (Nigeria) 

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Workplace violence set to explode!
The terror attacks will induce violence on many levels
and spill over into the workplace.  View More


Managers with Risk knowledge and Security Investigation skills
hold greater value than their companies know! View More


Guide to Select - Partner or Employ the right security services & personnel
in security - protection - investigation
for current challenges

in operations mobilization and training. View More


ISIO Fellowship

The ISIO Fellowship is for like minded professionals from around the world together
to share ideas for the improvement of the industry at large.

The '' ISIO Fellowship Round Table'' will meet up once a year in an undisclosed location
to discuss the demands of the industry. View


Free Security Updates through e-mail subscription is provided
to the CSO, Security Directors/Managers of Government, Non Government
& the Private Sector [Sub to isio@intsi.org]


Validating Certification

ISIO Accredited : MiM - Human Investigation Management Certification.

On the MiM - HIM certificate do find the vertification number.

Send an e-mail to isio@intsi.org with the applicants full name and verfication code.



ISIO Accredited Training

MiM Human Investigation Management HIM
e-connect course application manual for self learning

Human Investigation Management
Certification [CHIM]

TYR Solutions - Hostile Envoironment for Media

TYR Solutions - HABC Level 3 Media Security Advisor for Hostile Environment






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ISIO MiM Human Investigation Management

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