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Seminars, Exhibitions and Conferences

6-8th December 2016 Delhi


6- 8th September KL 2017


9 - 11th May The Hague 2017

Critical Infrastructure

June 20-22nd London 2017

United Kingdom


3-4th May 2017 London

Counter Terror Expo

21st -23rd March 2017 Morroco

World Border Security Congress

5 - 6TH October March 2016 Bangkok



Nov 30 - 1st December London 2016



Security Professional Development Workshops 

 NEW CHALLENGES : We are in a fast changing world of security whereas the critical core skill-craft has to be themed and crafted for challenges in theater. How to use the critical core skills in-line with new challenges is vital.

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness (knowledge) of the decision maker and their reaction speed.

The critical core skill-craft for all security professionals to evaluate- interview - investigate is deception detection taking cultural connotations into account.


BTC Training

Human Investigation Management [ World-wide ]

Master in Mind [ Human Investigation Management]

TYR - Solutions
Hostile Envorinment Media
Security Advisors Course

IP User Group

Human Investigation Management


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