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Baran Access Solutions for Bank Security
Baran Advanced Technologies specializes in R&D and manufacturing of Piezo ceramic Push Buttons, Keypads, Keyboards and Pointing devices. The products utilize a unique patented technology. Our expertise and manufacturing proficiency are in adapting our products to customer needs as dictated by the usage of the equipment and environmental constraints. Read More 

Tracking and Monitoring Cash or Bullion Transport.
View GPS Tracking

Real Time RFiD Tracking

RFiD Routers

Security Manager RFiD Security Management System

The LogiTrack RFID middleware and web-based server enables our partners to instantly deployed solutions with zero integration efforts : Asset Tracking, Staff Monitoring, Visitor Tracking. Even control tempreture and humidity. View ( Clients - G4S/Samsung/Coca Cola/ Nestle)

Security Professionals cannot afford to loose their smart phones nor have phone hacked.
. Security Technology for Smart Phones.
Smart Phone Security with Anti Theft, Anti Virus, Spyware,
Track, Lock, Upload & Data Trash.

Bank Security

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union’s new Administrative Service Center (ASC) in Live Oak, a suburb of San Antonio, Texas. The new building, the “Creswell Administrative Service Center” is named in honor of the current Chairman of the Board, Walter Creswell, who has served on the Board of Directors for more than 24 years.

Randolph-Brooks was founded in 1952 and the new ASC serves as the flagship for the credit union’s 22 branch offices. The ASC is home to over 300 employees and the credit union serves more than 223,000 members worldwide. With assets exceeding $2 billion, Randolph-Brooks is ranked among the top 25 of the 9,800 financial cooperatives nationwide.

Josh Moran, Director of Security for the credit union, was in charge of developing the security solution for the 117,000 square foot service center and 20-acre campus. “We needed a secure facility for our employees, members and visitors, but we didn’t want it to be like Fort Knox” said Josh. After countless discussions and visits to view other security systems, the decision was made to install an access control system and interface it with a Closed Circuit TV surveillance system.
Diebold, Inc., a global leader in providing physical and electronic security systems, facilitytransaction programs and automated teller machines, was awarded the security contract to install the access control, badging, and CCTV systems.

The PCSC “LiNC-PLUS” software program was installed in conjunction with the “IQ” series of intelligent controllers and “HID” proximity cards and readers, to protect key access points throughout the building, driveway entrances, and parking areas. Video surveillance was provided by “Pelco and Ademco” color cameras, with images stored on “Lanex” Digital Video Recorders and interfaced with the “LiNC-PLUS” dynamic graphical user interface.

The ASC has been operational almost eight months now and according to Josh, “we are very satisfied with the security solution for the ASC. The system does everything it was advertised it would do and both PCSC and Diebold have been solid business partners in making it happen.” View

March Networks announced that Associated Banc-Corp has standardized on a March Networks Financial Solution for enhanced security across approximately 270 retail branch locations, multiple data centers and its corporate headquarters. The bank chose the solution for its scalability, ease-of-use and enterprise-class video management following extensive evaluations conducted by both the bank’s security and IT groups. With more than 1 million customers and $21 billion in assets, Associated is one of the 50 largest financial services institutions in the United States. Read More

U.S. Credit Union Selects March Networks for Corporate and Banking Branch Surveillance

March Networks® (TSX: MN), a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, today announced that Rochester, NY-based ESL Federal Credit Union has standardized on the company’s Financial Solution to secure its corporate headquarters, retail banking branches and standalone ATMs. The solution includes March Networks VideoSphere® VMS software, 4000 C Series hybrid recorders and MegaPX 720p and PTZ IP cameras deployed by NAVCO, a March Networks Platinum Certified Solution Provider.Read More

Mexico’s Banorte Selects March Networks Financial Solution in $1.2 Million Deal

March Networks® (TSX: MN), a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, today announced that Banorte – one of Mexico’s five largest national banks – has selected the company’s video management software and hybrid NVRs to upgrade its existing surveillance systems across more than 1,100 branches. Read More

March Networks Tops 400 Global Financial Customers Over 75 banks and credit unions switch to March Networks in past 18 months U.S.-based Community Bancshares, Inc. has selected a comprehensive March Networks Financial Solution to augment security and stem losses associated with fraudulent transactions, ATM skimming and other crimes. Read More

CIAS is recognized industry leader manufacturing perimeter protection devices since 1974. CIAS was the first to produce a Digital Microwave Barrier with Fuzzy logic analysis with possibility to be remotely controlled and tuned. View

“Big Five” Canadian Bank Counts on March Networks' Video Solution in Nationwide Roll-Out

March Networks® (TSX: MN), a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, today announced that one of Canada's premier financial institutions will deploy its VideoSphere® Banking Solution as part of a comprehensive video surveillance roll-out at approximately 1,000 bank branches across Canada. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by October. Read More

MicroLatch are leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of cost-effective biometrics security and radio frequency (RF) technologies. The combination of biometrics and RF offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility. In addition, combination with existing security infrastructure and access systems enables card or credential holder identification with our latest release BIOFOB (BIOmetrics keyFOB) and CCF (combination card and finger) solutions, a new dimension in uniquely identifying the person, rather than the credential or PIN!

March Networks Extends Market Leadership Position in Colombian Banking Sector

March Networks® (TSX: MN), a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, announced today that a seventh financial institution in Colombia has standardized on the company’s networked video management systems for enhanced security and loss prevention.

Banco Caja Social y Colmena (BCSC) is deploying the March Networks solution to support 2,800 cameras installed across its 280 banking branches and 450 automated teller machines (ATMs) nationwide. Serving more than 4.1 million customers annually, the bank will use the hybrid recording systems and Financial Transaction Investigation software to speed fraud investigations and quickly access high-quality video evidence following incidents. Read More

Sicurit Alarmitalia SPA
is an ISIO Approved Supplier
SICURIT is a trusted supplier to many high sensitive areas, with products
deployed for the protection of civilian, industrial and military sites, with
installations in areas such as airports, government compounds, financial
institutions, electrical and nuclear facilities, military bases and correctional

Case study:
Securities Commission Headquarters Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Johnson Controls

The new Malaysia Securities Commission Headquarters facility was designed around the
concept of achieving a distinctive modern form, interpreted from traditional design to
reflect Malaysia’s history, cultural roots and future aspirations. The roof, together with
the layered facade, shelters the building from the tropical heat and glare. The facade
is designed to be climatically responsive to the external environment.

The entire building facade has a hollow double skin, which forms a buffer between indoor
and outdoor temperatures and climatic conditions. As a result, transparency to and
from the building is optimized, daylight is maximized and energy consumption is greatly
reduced. The building made history when it was built since it is Malaysia’s first modern
facility with fully ductless air conditioning. Cold air is supplied through the raised floor.
The facility also offers the first truly flexible office work environment which allows easy
reconfiguration of air supply grills, power, communications, data, central vacuum, central
shredder and IT systems. Johnson Controls was given the task of designing an open,
integrated building management and control system for the facility.

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U.S. Bank Standardizes on DVRs for Retail Locations

Download: English
Armed with a demanding list of performance criteria and an exhaustive product testing process that would take nine months to complete, U.S. Bank’s corporate security team set to work in 2003 to identify the best DVR system for its retail locations.

Iomniscient and Bank Security

Banks are unique organisations. Their product is money. For this reason they are often the target of an attack. Banks have many areas that need protection from a security perspective and then, like other organisations they have other requirements too in other departments.

Where there are many branches it may not be feasible to guard them all and it would make sense to have them remotely monitored. Installing video based intrusion alarms can allow the guard at the central monitoring station to see the intruder, confirm that it is not a false alarm and take some action.

Retail Banks also have use for the more traditional applications such as Counting and Queue Management. In fact customer service may be a far more important issue as it is usually part of the value proposition of the bank.

The ATMs (automatic teller machines) that many banks have outside their branches and in unmanned locations such as shopping malls are also the targets for criminals. The latest attempt at identity theft centres on the installation of very small devices above the slot where the customer is supposed to enter his card. These devices can copy the identity information from the magnetic strip. The bank needs to detect if such a device has been implanted by criminals on their ATM. A camera (with an IQ 180 level system) could identify a small device that had been placed on their ATM and the bank could then take action to remove it as well as to identify who installed the device. Download Pdf or Go to Iomniscient


PCSC expands Access Control Perimeter Security with Fence Alert and Tamper Alert.

Complete facility control, detection and monitoring is now possible. Ensure access control beyond the building.

Fence Alert and Tamper Alert are state-of-the-art perimeter control systems designed for seamless integration with PCSC's hardware and software solutions. A highly sensitive, yet unobtrusive fiber optic sensing cable immediately detects and localizes any disturbance to the fence caused by climbing, cutting, or tampering. Read More

MORE CASE STUDIES FOR Bank Security .. View

Empire Bank DVRs Beef Up Security
Download: English
The installation of a March Networks™ Digital Video Recording (DVR) system by Empire Bank in Springfield, Missouri has made life a lot riskier for anyone hoping to cash a bum check.

Case study: Security Benefit Group, Topeka, Kansas
by Johnson Controls

Security Benefi t Group (SBG), a national fi nancial services and retirement planning
company, has earned a reputation as an innovator in its fi eld while balancing associate
needs with business demands.

So it stood to reason that, in planning a new corporate
headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, the company would integrate innovation into its quest
to make associate comfort and satisfaction in the workplace its key objective.
“We believe associate comfort interacts closely with productivity,” says David Rutkowski,
director of facilities and grounds with SBG. “If an associate is comfortable, if an associate
is happy, then that person’s productivity will be high.”

Johnson Controls partnered with
SBG and its architect and contractors in a carefully coordinated design and construction
process to deliver a building that embodies the company’s vision.

Download Case Study PDF

Altronix Introduces HubSat™ Outdoor Passive UTP Transceiver Hub
With Integral Camera Power.

Altronix is displaying its new HubSat4WP Outdoor Passive UTP Transceiver Hub with integral camera power here at ASIS 2009.

The HubSat4WP transmits video, data and power over a single structured cable, and
accommodates up to four cameras.

HubSat4WP can also be utilized as an accessory module to transmit video from up to 4 cameras over a single CAT-5 or higher structured cable back to the HubWay,
HubWayLD or HubWayLDH Passive and Active UTP Transceiver Hubs. In addition, the
HubSat4WP provides power to these cameras locally to eliminate the possibility of
voltage drop associated with long cable runs. Read More

Performance, Reliability Sway Credit Union

Download: English
The search for a DVR system that it could rely on finally came to an end when security systems integrator Kriebel Security introduced American Heritage to March Networks DVRs.

Bank of New Zealand Fast-Tracks Deployment
Download: English
The Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has selected March Networks 4000 C Series NVRs for an enterprise-wide video surveillance deployment to 180 branches throughout the island nation. The March Networks systems allow BNZ investigators based in Auckland to quickly and easily resolve incidents of fraud and present video evidence to law enforcement agencies.

Park Avenue Bank Standardizes on March Networks Technology

Download: English
The vast improvement in the quality of evidence obtained from digital video recording (DVR) systems is helping security executives in the banking sector resolve more and more incidents of fraud and theft. Equally significant, says Larry Hale, assistant vice president of Park Avenue Bank, is the dramatic improvement in the speed of retrieving video evidence.

Reliability Sways Banks Decision
Download: English
Florida Bank Upgrades to March Networks DVRs When Originally Acquired System Falls Short of Expectations

March Networks presents Bank Security Applications

Financial institutions of all sizes are embracing the value that intelligent video and video systems bring to their organizations. Benefits can include improved employee and customer safety, enhanced teller and ATM transaction records, faster detection, investigation and resolution of fraud cases, stronger liability management, and more efficient operation in marketing, customer service and other departments.

These improvements have a fundamental impact on the business health of the institution, and its ability to compete for customers and grow effectively.

March Networks provides IP-based video systems and software to address the specific needs of financial institutions, from ATM/self-service kiosks or vestibules to retail banking centers to corporate facilities, data centers and cash management depots. See March Networks EMEA

Case Study : Commerzbank AG, Germany by Mobotix

Commerzbank – Competent Services For Private And Business Customers

Banks must meet their customers' requirements for security in a special way on many levels. Whether it is with their savings, taking advantage of over-thecounter
services at a branch office, withdrawing money from the teller machines, making deposits via the cash recycling system, online banking etc. – for a long-lasting, trusting cooperation with a bank, customers demand the highest possible level of security. In order to fulfill these demands, banks rely on sophisticated hardware and software solutions that can be easily and efficiently expanded with MOBOTIX high-resolution video surveillance technology at an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

With around 820 branches, a consolidated balance sheet total of more than 600 billion Euro and almost 36,000 employees, Commerzbank ( is the second largest financial institution of its kind in Germany and one of the largest in Europe and in the world. The bank's large number of branches ensures a closely meshed network and customer proximity.


Synovus Moves to Advanced Technology

Download: English
Security staff at Synovus, a financial services holding company with 31 banks and more than 400 branches in the U.S. Southeast, are all too familiar with the pros and cons of competing video surveillance products. With parallel systems in place following a decision in 2007 to begin upgrading to March Networks technology, the first step in any investigation is to determine which system to access.

PCSC Access Control Systems
PCSC has been a leading manufacturer of high quality integrated access control systems, including software, intelligent controllers, readers, cards and other components, since 1983.
Core product lines include LiNC-NET(tm) for Windows® software, LiNC-ID(tm) video badging, and PCSC controllers, including Ultimate(tm) Series, IQ(tm) Series, SIM(tm) Series and Micro Series controllers. Reader-and-card product lines include proximity, MiFare smartcard, Wiegand, fingerprint and hand biometrics, bar code and magnetic stripe.

PCSC is an OEM for Honeywell and some of our customers include: Mobil Oil, Pfizer, DHL, Federal Express, Citibank, Sydney Airport, Athens Airport, NCR, Xerox and more.

Case Study - Bank Security by Verint
Liberty Bank and Trust

The Company
Liberty Bank and Trust was founded in 1972 with a mission to provide innovative, customer-driven products and services to diverse markets, with a
particular focus on the African-American community.

Operational Overview
Liberty Bank and Trust serves more than 40,000 customers from its locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. Major clients include American Express, the City of New Orleans, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Strategic Challenge
To protect the institution’s assets and the assets of its customers as Liberty’s network of branches grows and becomes more geographically dispersed.

The Solution
Verint® Networked Video Solution

The Bottom Line
Liberty chose a Verint Networked Video Solution — a computer-based, digital video surveillance recording and retrieval system that automatically captures, digitizes, and compresses high-resolution video images of bank transactions and other
events. Video images can be accessed either on site or remotely via a secure Windows-based application. Retrieved images can then be enhanced, printed, faxed, and emailed. Liberty has found that the ability to quickly make video images
available to law enforcement is one of the system’s greatest advantages.

Download PDF

View more on Verint on ISIO

Nextiva Video Security Solutions for Bank and Financial Institution Security

Verint’s full line of networked video solutions for retail banks, ATMs, money centers, office campuses, and other facilities

Video Security Solutions That You Can Bank On
Verint® offers a comprehensive video security suite designed specifically for financial institutions with the industry’s most effective video interfaces to bank and security system data.

Built on over 60,000 installations worldwide, Verint’s Nextiva® Financial can provide the security and business intelligence that banks need to:

Create a safe environment for customers, tellers, and other staff
Reduce fraud and secure cash and other bank assets
Provide excellent, efficient service in order to retain customers and operate cost effectively
Address claims, reduce liability and risk, and comply with a growing body of banking regulations
Nextiva Financial helps retail banks, money centers, and other financial facilities address these complex challenges. Read More

Go to Verint on ISIO for More

Altronix Access Power Controller Receives UL Listing. ACM4 Provides A Scalable Cost-Effective
Access Control Solution.
Altronix, the leading manufacturer of low voltage power supplies and related accessories for the electronic security industry, announces that the ACM4 series of four output access power controllers have received UL listing. See Altronix

Galaxy Control Systems
Integrated Access Control & Security Management

Galaxy Control Systems is an independent American manufacturer of Integrated Access Control and Security Management Solutions. The firm develops all software and hardware products using its own team of system analysts, programmers, and engineers. See Galaxy Control Systems

GKB CCTV Co., Ltd Video Surveillance For Bank Security

GKB, based in Taiwan, manufactures CCTV products for surveillance systems, including CCD cameras, Dome cameras, Day to Night cameras, Waterproof cameras, IR cameras, Smoke Detector cameras, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), quad processors, monitors, LCD, and new modern Network cameras and Web servers. View

CSI Security Product Distributor/ Integrator in Greece.

CSI was founded to serve the Dutch multinational electronics company PHILIPS as the sole distributor of Professional Observation Systems (POS) in the Greek market.
Traffic control
* Surveillance communications with fiber optics
* Public Address systems of the largest Greek stadiums and underwater tunnels
* Congress systems of Public organizations and Greek Ministries
* Paging and Nurse Call Systems in the majority of Greek Hospitals
* CCTV installations in approximately 800 Greek bank branches
These all clarify our strong presence in the local market. See CSI

Security Product Distributor/ Integrator for Bank Security in Greece.

Zarifopoulos S.A. was founded back in 1972, with main objectives the design, importation, supply, installation, maintenance and distribution of the following systems, from the leading manufacturers and system Companies, worldwide:• Security • Fire Detection • Fire Extinguishing • Fire Fighting Equipment • C.C.T.V. and video image transmission • Access Control • Building Energy Management See Zarifopoulos SA

Prisma Bytes - Security Product Distributor Malaysia, Kuwait and UAE. Prisma Bytes is primarily engaged in the supply, Product sourcing, System design, Integration, installation, testing and commissioning of Integrated Security Systems and related products including Biometric and Smart card control and verification. Currently our products and services are marketed in Malaysia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates See Prisma Bytes page

SEEVID, INC. is the leading manufacturer's representative in the USA - of hardware and system solution suppliers to the • CCTV • Access Control • Fire • LAN-WAN • Fiber-Optic Communication Systems marketplace. See Seevid


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