ISIO - International Security Industry Organization



ISIO - The International Trade Organization is a trade organization for the security industry world-wide.

A " Trade Organization " established in 2002 is at the top of the heirachy of the industry, which endorses, security exhibitions, conferences, ,seminars and workshops that introduce new technology or services to the security industry.

Introducing new technology to the industry through workshops, namely RFiD user group , IP User Group & Master in Mind

The calibre of Professionals that speak at events - View

ISIO is an international NETWORK for security professionals that meet at above mentioned focal points.

Bi Lateral Affliliations to other organizations in the security industry - bring ISIO into the ''new world order'', as a focal point for which is the liberalization and globalization of the world's security products and services.

ISIO provides benefits to listed and unlisted members, as well as, issues security industry updates to subscribers.

Security Professionals involved in the following vertical markets derive benefits through membership to ISIO.

* Military and Defence Security
* Port Security
* Hotel and Casino Security
* Control Station Security
* Law Enforcement Security
* Border Security
* Event Security
* Cargo Security
* City Security
* School Security
* Bank Security
* Rail Security
* Prison Security
* Retail and Store Security
* Industrial Security
* Building Security
* Business Security
* Oil and Refinery Security
* Homeland Security
* Tunnel Security
* Subway Security
* Sport and Stadium Security

* Nuclear Facility Security

* Access Security
* CCTV Surveillance Security
* Perimeter Security

* RFiD security
* GPS security

* Counter Terrorism

Demographics ISIO reach world –wide

Security Directors, Managers, General Managers, Trainers, Staff in all sectors, namely, Military and Defense, Buildings, Mall and Security, Law Enforcement, Prisons, Investigators, Assessors, Consultants and Advisors for Ports and Cargo, Hotel and Casino Security landside and on ships.

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    1. (89152)United Kingdom


    1. (38194)India


    1. (34709)Canada


    1. (31546)South Africa





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ISIO - The International NETWORK for Security Professionals