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2015 - Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resiliance CIPRE- Europe - The Hague Netherlands.

  • Mr Ivo Opstelten, Minister of Security & Justice, Minister for Security & Justice, Netherlands
  • Mr. Fernando Sánchez, Director General, National Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CNPIC), Spain
  • Benny Jansson, Deputy Head Strategic Analysis Section, Swedish Civil Contingencies
  • Evangelos Ouzounis, Head of Unit – Secure Infrastructure and Services, European Union Agency for Network and Information Security – ENISA
  • Chris McIntosh, CEO, ViaSat UK
  • Hugh Boyes FIET CISSP, Cyber Security Lead at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK
  • Ans van Doormaal, Project Leader, TNO, The Netherlands
  • Mr. Leif Villadsen, Senior Programme Officer and Deputy Director, United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)
  • Mauro Facchini, Head of Copernicus Services Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission
  • Johan Willemen, President, Fédération de l`Industrie Européenne de la Construction (FIEC), Belgium
  • Ms. Lina Kolesnikova, Fellow, Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM), Belgium
  • Tassilo Rinder, Research fellow, Fraunhofer EMI, Germany
  • Alexander Klimburg, Senior Research Fellow, Hague Center for Security Studies – affiliate Harvard Kennedy School, Netherlands
  • Jaap Schekkerman, Director Global Cyber Security – ICS/CI, CGI Group, Netherlands
  • Hans de Vries, Head of National Cyber Security Centre, NCTV, Ministry of Security & Justice, Netherlands
  • Troels Oerting, Assistant Director, Head of European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), EUROPOL, Netherlands
  • Ricardo Bn. Baretzky, President, European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS), CYBERPOL program, Belgium
  • Reinout J.M. Gunst, Security Coordinator, Harbour Master Policy Department, Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Simona Cavallini, Head of Area, FORMIT Foundation, Italy
  • Michele Minichino, Coordinator of Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, ENEA, Italy
  • Liv Gualda, Intelligence Analyst, Security Project Manager, Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (PESI), Spain
  • Stephen Humer, Chairman, Network Terrorism Research Association (NTF), Germany
  • Mike Fuller MBE MBA MA, Director, Global Resilience, UK
  • Klaus Kursawe, Director of Research and Development, European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), Netherlands
  • Wolfgang Raskob, Head of Group, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
  • Jakub Boratyński, Head of Unit, Trust & Security, Content and Technologies Directorate General (DG CONNECT), European Commission
  • Ilias Chantzos, Senior Director, Government Affairs EMEA, Global CIP and Privacy Advisor, Symantec
  • Christian Sommade, Executive Director, Haut Comité Français pour la Défense Civile (HCFDC), France
  • Andrew Wright, Head of Industrial Resources and Communications Services Group (IRCSG), NATO Operations Division
  • Michael Stiso, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF ICT, Norway
  • Momcilo Milinovic, Full Professor, University of Belgrade School of Mechanical Engineering, Serbia


Counter Terror and Security

Dr Angel Rabasa Senior Policy Research Analyst
Rand Corporation, USA
Dr Angel Rabasa is the author of numerous books and articles on international security and Islamic extremism and terrorism, with a focus on Southeast Asia. His publications include The Muslim World After 9/11 (2004); the International Institute for Strategic Studies Adelphi Paper No. 358, Political Islam in Southeast Asia: Moderates, Radicals and Terrorists (2003); The Military and Democracy in Indonesia: Challenges, Politics, and Power (2002) with John Haseman; and Indonesia’s Transformation and the Stability of Southeast Asia (2001) with Peter Chalk. Before joining RAND, Mr. Rabasa served in the Departments of State and Defense.

Raphael ‘Rafi’ Ron Former Head of Security
Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel
Raphael ‘Rafi’ Ron is currently the President of New Age Security Solutions, a Transportation Security Consultancy firm based in Rockville MD U.S.A, established in October 2001 following a request by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) to provide it with professional support to elevate Logan airport to a leading position in airport security. NASS’s achievements at Logan are widely recognized today by the U.S. Federal Government as well as by the aviation industry.

Nigel Inkster
Director of Transnational Threats and Political Risks
International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, UK

Nigel Inkster served in the British Secret Intelligence Service (M16) from 1975 to 2006. He was posted in Asia, Latin America and Europe and worked extensively on transnational issues. He spent seven years on the Board of SIS, the last two as Assistant Chief and Director for Operations and Intelligence. He is a Chinese speaker and graduated in Oriental Studies from St John’s College Oxford. At IISS his work now includes the analysis of international political risk and development of programmes on counter terrorism, international crime, proliferation of CBRN, cross-border conflict and other transnational/global issues. Nigel is also responsible for the IISS Armed Conflict Database.

John Beattie Stadium Manager
Arsenal Emirates Stadium, UK

John Beattie has been the Stadium Manager of Arsenal Football Club for the last 21 years and during this time has witnessed a dramatic restructuring of the industry, due to the influx of television money. Disasters have also had significant impact. He has been heavily involved in the initial redevelopment of Highbury and then the construction and move to Emirates Stadium, London. He is President of the recently formed European Safety and Stadium Management Association which is attempting to provide a one stop solution for all European Stadia to answer any question on issues related to Stadium held events. He also sits on the UEFA panel for Construction and Management of Stadia, which is currently consulting on the stadia in Poland and the Ukraine for the 2012 European Championships. Up to 2003-9 he was the chair of the Football Safety Officers Association with an intention to spread best practise through the industry.

Andy Williams
Regional Security Director UKI,
Middle East, Africa and Continental Europe
Marriott Hotels International Ltd, Istanbul, Turkey

Andy Williams is Marriott International’s Regional Director of Security for UK, Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa. Working out of Marriott’s London office, Andy travels extensively in the field with a home base in Istanbul. His primary focus is on Crisis Management and Threat Assessment.

Prof Martin Gill
University of Leicester and Perpetuity Group leader
British Home Office national evaluation of CCTV, UK.

Prof Martin Gill is Director of Perpetuity Research and Consultancy International which is a research and consultancy company that is a ‘spin-out’ from the University of Leicester. He has published work on crime, security and policing including 13 books, as well as over 100 journals and magazines articles including Managing Security and CCTV (Perpetuity Press)and the Handbook of Security (Palgrave). He has undertaken a range of studies over many years looking at different aspects of CCTV. He led the Government’s national evaluation of CCTV, a three year study which culminated in the publication of nine reports, all accessible from the company website

Dr Craig Donald Industrial psychologist with a
specialist involvement in human factors in security, Director
Leaderware, South Africa

Dr Craig Donald is an industrial psychologist and Director with Leaderware and Advanced Development Applications, companies that have a specialist involvement in the security industry and CCTV. He consults internationally on the human factors in CCTV management and operations, selection and assessment techniques, and training and performance management. Craig has exposure to a number of sectors including aviation, police, diamonds and precious metals, customs, and other major businesses. He has been extensively involved in the design of selection instruments used in the selection of aviation screeners and CCTV operators in the UK and elsewhere, Craig is a leading specialist in the use and training of body language for CCTV surveillance.

Mark Scoggins
Solicitor-Advocate with special interest in Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety legislation in UK.
Fisher Scoggins LLPA

Mark Scoggins handled the successful Old Bailey defence of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens and his predecessor Lord Condon on all charges brought against them by the HSE arising out of roof falls suffered by patrolling police officers. Appointed by Balfour Beatty on the derailment at Hatfield, helped win the acquittal of its rail division on all corporate manslaughter charges. Represented the Metropolitan Police in the health and safety prosecution brought to trial in October 2007 over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell station. He is a visiting lecturer to the National Policing Improvement Agency, FBI Academy and the Police National CBRN Centre

Crispin Blunt MP
Reigate Shadow Minister for Security and Counter-Terrorism
Home Affairs team, UK

Crispin Blunt MP was commissioned as an Army Officer into the 13th/18th Royal Hussars and served from 1979-1990. During the 1980's he was stationed in Cyprus, Germany and the UK. In 1993 Crispin was appointed as Special Adviser to Malcolm Rifkind the Secretary of State for Defence continuing when Malcolm Rifkind became Foreign Secretary between 1995 and 1997.In May 1997, Crispin was elected to Parliament as Member for Reigate in Surrey. He was subsequently appointed to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee. Iain Duncan Smith appointed him to the opposition front bench as Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland in September 2001 Crispin resigned this position in May 2003 and served again on the Defence Select Committee from December 2003 to October 2004. In January 2009, Crispin was appointed as a Shadow Home Affairs Minster with particular responsibility for Security and Counter-Terrorism by David Cameron

Dr Brooke Rogers
Lecturer in Risk and Terror in the Department of War Studies
King’s College London, UK

Dr Brooke Rogers is a social psychologist by training, specialising in the study of social groups, group interaction, attitude formation and change and belief systems. Specifically, she is interested in public and expert perceptions of risk and risk communication, and has applied these concepts to several areas.
Her current terrorism research follows two key themes: responding to Terrorism; and Violent radicalisation. Her projects include a large-scale Home Office study of public responses to chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) terrorist incidents in conjunction with the Institute of Psychiatry (IOP) and the Health Protection Agency (HPA), as well as a number of EU projects in the same area. Additional projects include the training of emergency responders working in hot zones, as well as the development of public information leaflets about CBRN terrorism.

Brett Lovegrove
retired July 2008
former Head
City of London Counter Terrorism Department, UK

Brett Lovegrove joined the Metropolitan Police Service in 1978 and transferred to the City of London police in his last five years and retired as the Head of Counter Terrorism that included the CT Section, Emergency Planning and Business Continuity, CBRN, Firearms, Police Search Advisors and Architectural Liaison. He was frequently asked to advise international organisations and governments including the US Congress, the European Government in The Hague and the Danish Parliament.
Brett is a Director of Valentis Bridge Ltd and Quadre Resilience Ltd. His companies address the full spectrum of counter terrorism, business continuity, risk analysis and emergency planning issues featuring both nationally and internationally on defence and organisational solutions.

Superintendent Malcolm Baker
ACPO TAM Prepare, UK

Superintendent Malcolm Baker serves with the Metropolitan Police Service currently seconded to work with the Association of Chief Police Officers (Terrorism and Allied Matters) Business Area on the PREPARE Strand of CONTEST. Malcolm has 28-years service having previously served in both the Anti-Terrorist Branch and the Counter Terrorism Command. His areas of expertise include: Business Continuity Planning, Organisational Learning & Development, Counter Terrorism exercises, contingency planning, inter-Agency cooperation and developing multi-agency partnerships. He is an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Security and Defence Studies in Whitehall and currently studying for a Masters degree in Resilience at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham

Detective Sergeant Dannie Parkes
Forensic analytics specialist
West Midlands Police, UK

Detective Sergeant Dannie Parkes has been working within the field of Forensic Video in excess of 10 yrs and is currently the Forensic Imagery Analyst for the West Midlands Police.He has served for several years with HM Forces specialising within the field of Radio and Tele-Communications. On his release he studied Electrical Engineering with a particular interest in Alarm and Associated Systems such as CCTV prior to joining the Police.
On his first major presentation of Forensic evidence and detailed Analysis of evidential CCTV for a joint Enterprise murder trial, Dannie spent three and a half days in the witness Box being cross examined by a number of Barristers utilising several defence specialists. He subsequently received a Judges commendation relating to the presentation of the evidence and became entrenched within Forensic Video.
Dannie has given specialist testimony to numerous serious crime trials including the Court of appeal

Philip Baum
Editor Aviation Security International
Managing Director Green Light Ltd, UK

Philip Baum was a liaison officer between the peacekeeping forces serving on the border between Israel and Egypt and the Israel Airports Authority, following his military service. On returning to the UK, he joined TWA’s security subsidiary. From Duty Manager at Heathrow he moved to TWA’s International HQ where he ultimately became Manager Security Training and Auditing, until leaving in 1996 to establish Green Light.
Green Light runs Hijack Management and Profiling seminars, and delivers Train-the–Trainer courses on Disruptive Passenger Management & Restraint and In-flight Security for individual airlines, often including full-scale Hijack Exercises. One of the company’s most popular products is its Passenger Profiling programme; Philip advocates that profiling is the most important security technique in the aviation security screening process

Gillies Crichton
Head of HSE Compliance at Glasgow Airport,
BAA (British Airport Authority) and Fire Safety Manager for three
BAA Scottish Airports, UK

Gillies Crichton is head of Assurance at Glasgow Airport with over 20 years experience in the Aviation industry including 17 years in the Airport Fire & Rescue Service, 7 of which as the Senior Airport Fire Officer, and nearly 10 years as a Retained Firefighter. His current role has him overseeing Safety, Health & Environment and delivering Fire Safety, Risk Management, Business Continuity, Contingency & Emergency Planning. He is a Member of the Emergency Planning Society; an Associate Member of the Business Continuity Institute and a founding Director & Vice Chair of the International Aviation Firefighting Protection Association. Gillies is a key architect of BAA Glasgow Airport’s crisis & business recovery plans with a wealth of experience in planning and implementing these plans, most notably during the Terror Attack on Glasgow Airport on 30 June 2007

Isabella Sankey
Director of Policy
Liberty (the National Council for Civil Liberties), UK

Isabella Sankey leads Liberty’s parliamentary lobbying and policy development, working in particular on the protection of human rights in the context of counter-terror policy. As such, she was heavily involved with Liberty’s successful Charge or Release campaign against holding terror suspects for 42 days without charge. She is one of Liberty’s principal spokespeople and speaks on a range of human rights issues including: privacy rights, freedom of expression, police powers, the rights of vulnerable minorities as well as criminal justice issues more widely. She is a non-practising barrister and previously worked for the Legal & Constitutional Affairs Division at the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Robert Whalley
CB, Consulting Senior Fellow International Institute for Strategic Studies, former Director for Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence
Home Office, London, UK

Robert Whalley recently retired, as Director for Counter Terrorism and Intelligence; he was the principal policy and operational adviser to the Home Secretary during the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the London bombings of July 2005. He chaired meetings of COBR (the Government's crisis management structure) during both those events. He also supervised the teams responsible for legislation on terrorism in the UK Parliament from 2000 to 2005 and advised the Home Secretary on development of longer term counter-terrorism strategy covering prevention, pursuit, protective security and post-incident planning. Within the central UK counter-terrorist structure, he chaired senior official committees concerned with developing relations with Muslim groups and leaders, and on scientific research, aviation security and terrorist financing. He advised the Home Secretary on liaison with the US Department of Homeland Security and was the senior Home Office official on the UK/US Joint Contact Group.

Brian Powrie
UNICRI Senior Adviser on Security Governance and Counter Terrorism QPM

From Scotland, Brian was a Chief Superintendent with Tayside Police. He retired in 2006 after 30 years in the Force. Brian spent virtually all his police service in operational, planning and command level roles and he was involved in the delivery of security at many major events. Most significantly however, he was the Security Planning Director for the very successful 2005 G8 Summit at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland.
He is currently engaged in Lisbon, Portugal as UNICRI’s senior adviser on counter terrorism and security governance matters. His significant experience in this regard is widely acknowledged internationally and he has worked all round the world in places such as Beijing, Moscow, Nairobi, London, Berlin, Lima, Sofia, Hong Kong, Kampala, Hanoi, Tokyo, New York and Singapore. He also has a great deal of experience in the public private partnership security arena. Brian holds an MBA from the University of Abertay, Dundee, and he was awarded the Queens Police Medal in the 2006 Queen’s New Years Honours list

National Security Summit Middle East

Highlighted Speakers:
Dr. Piers Millet
Biological Weapons Convention Meeting Secretariat
Office for Disarmament Affairs, United Nation

Captain Jassim Mohd Ali E. Al Teniji
Ministry of Interior
Ras al-Khamaih

Gerd Schäfer
Chief Executive Officer
Digital Identification Solution (DIS)

Juan Pedro Lahore
Technical Adviser
International Relation Department of Civil Protection Of Spain

Urs E. Hintermann
Managing Director
Securiton AG

Tarja Mankinnen
Director Internal Security
Ministry of the Interior of Finland

Col. Azhar Al-Kindi
Police Headquarters for Civil Defence
Sultan of Oman

GSR Summit Speakers

Lieutenant General Russel L. Honore (Rtd)
Commanding General / Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina
U.S Army

Dr. Guido Bertolaso
Under-Secretary of State to the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Head of Italian Civil Protection

Dr. Ruth David
President and CEO
Analytic Services Inc.
& Former Deputy Director for Science and Technology
Central Intelligence Agency

Superintendent Brett Lovegrove
Head of Counter Terrorism
City of London Police
United Kingdom

Dr Peter Ryan
Security Adviser
International Olympic Committee
United Kingdom

Col D G Benest OBE FRSA
Director of Security Studies and Resilience Group
UK Defence Academy
United Kingdom

Wolfgang Elsner
Head of Unit - Land Transport and Security
European Union

Richard McConnell
Chief Security Officer

Force Protection Speakers

Event Chairman

Major General Jonathan Bailey (Ret’d) CB MBE PhD
Director, CDISS and Former Director General, Doctrine/Development, British Army

Major General Roger Lane CBE (Royal Marines)
Deputy Commander,Operations, International Security, Assistance Force (ISAF)

NATO Major General Howard B.
Bromberg, Deputy Director, Force Protection, J8, Joint Staff

Major General Jonathan Bailey(Ret’d) CB MBE PhD
Director, CDISS and Former Director General, Doctrine/Development

Ambassador Cofer Black (Ret’d)
Vice Chairman, Blackwater USA, and Former Director, Counterterrorism Center CIA

Brigadier General Mehmet Çetin
Director, Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre

Brigadier General Kevin R. Wendel
Commander, 20th Support Command (CBRNE)

US Army Brigadier General Danny Gardner
Director, Mission Support, USAF Europe

Colonel Didi Benyoash (Ret'd)
Former Commander, Armoured Brigade

Israeli Defence Forces Lieutenant Colonel Tim Spicer (Ret’d) OBE
Chief Executive, Aegis

Colonel Nigel Jefferson
Colonel Capability, Royal Artillery, British Army

Homeland Security Europe

Iain Neill, Deputy Director, E-borders Programme,

Chief Constable Ken Jones, Chair designate,

Willem Hoekstra,
Chief Operating Officer, Wholesale Bank

Mathias Schaef, Head,

Thomas Richey,
Director, Homeland Security,

Lars Karlsand,
Director (passports, Visas, biometrics, border matters)

Br General Marek Adamczyk,
Chancellor Liason Officer (Brussels),

Annualisa Giannella,
Personal Representative to Javier Solana on non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction,

Jennifer Hurst,
Assistant Director of Public Safety & Terrorism Sub-Directorate,

Shah Taludker,
General Manager, Safety, Security and Systems Business Unit,

Mr J Duintjer, Security Advisor,

Christian Sommade, Chair,

Herbert Von Bose, Head of Unit Security Research,

Professor G Pauli, Head, Biological Research and Security Division,

Tarja Mankinnen, Director,

Dr Jack Clarke, Professor of Strategic Studies,

Br General Antone Vitale,

Dr Eva Haglind,
Senior Medical Advisor, Professor of Surgery,

Paolo Brito,
Assistant Secretary, Defence Section,

Per Erik Johansson,
Director, Public Safety Initiatives,

Br General Reinhard Mang, Director General,

Paul McKeown,
Customs, Ports and Border Management Executive,

Pat Abrahamsen,
IRIS Strategy & Development Manager, e-Borders,

Dimitrios Theologitis,
Head of Unit Security Policy and Maritime Security, DG Energy and Transport,

Russel Johnson,
Public Safety / Homeland Security Industry Manager,

Oistein Knudsen, Director,

Eli Beer,
Chief Coordinator, Emergency Rescue Unit, Hatzolah (Emergency Rescue Unit),

Frank Paul,
Head of Unit, Large Scale IT Systems, DG Justice,

Ambassador Oded Eran,
Ambassador to the EU,

Kilian Strauss,
Project leader, Financing of Terrorism,

Bernd "Bear" McConnell, Director,

Dr Helmut Krunes, Director,

Andrus Oovel,
International Advisory Board on Border Security,

Hong-Eng Koh,
Global Government Industry Director, Public Safety & Criminal Justice,

Sam Bacharach,
Executive Director, Outreach and Community Adoption Programme,

Jürg Balmer
Head of Risk Assessment,

Sports Security Summit

Recent Speakers

Francesco Norante
Director Security Integration, VANOC 2010

Aaron Harry
Director, South African Police Services

Ben Groenewald
Assistant Commissioner, South African Police Services

David Evans
Project Director - London 2012, BSIA

Karl Lesjak
Assistant Director, Crisis & Major Events, Interpol

Mark Hamilton
Managing Director, G4S Security Services

Past Speakers

Peter Ryan
Security Consultant to the 2000 Sydney Olympics & 2005 Olympic Games

Giovanni Pulice
Head of Security, Torino Olympic Games Organising Committee

General Vassilios Konstantinidis
Head of Security, Athens 2004

Walter Gagg
Chairman, FIFA’s Security Committee

Rory Steyn
Security Advisor to the Cricket World Cup
Rory has been responsible for security on numerous events worldwide in his capacity as an International Security and Close Protection specialist.

Rory is currently advising the Security Department for the ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007.

Lou Marciani
University of Mississippi

Carl Bjorkman
United Nations

Bob Nicholls
Director, Nicholls Steyn Associates


Andrew Trotter

Andy Trotter is the Deputy Chief Constable of British Transport Police, which has responsibility for policing Britain’s railways and the London Underground.
In 1970 he joined the Metropolitan Police Service, serving in the West End of London, before transferring to the Kent Police in 1973. There he undertook operational and public order roles before transferring back to London in the rank of Superintendent in 1991.
He left the Metropolitan Police Service in 2004 to join British Transport Police.
He has a BSc from the London School of Economics and is the holder of the Queen’s Police Medal.

Chuck Wexler

Chuck Wexler, appointed as the Executive Director of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) in 1993, leads a staff engaged in the fields of police and criminal justice research. PERF is a membership organization of law enforcement chiefs from the larger police agencies in the country which was founded more than a quarter century ago.
Wexler graduated from Boston University with a liberal arts degree. He earned a masters degree in criminology from Florida State University, and his Ph.D. in urban studies and planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has been an instructor at Bowdoin College and MIT and served as an evaluator for the Ford Foundation¹s Innovations in Government Project.

Dieter Schmidt

Dieter Schmidt is employed with BOSCH Germany as ”Fire Chief” and Head of the BOSCH Fire School in Stuttgart, Germany since November 2001. Since April 2003 he is as well Chairman of the Joint Airport Working Group For Training Standards in the State of North-Rhine Westphalia, FRG and became a member of the State governed “Fit-For-Fire-Fighting” steering team last year. He has as well worked on projects for NATO and UN worldwide.

Dr. Loren Myhre

Dr. Loren Myhre earned his Ph.D. Degree in Physiology at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA and then joined the University faculty as an associate professor in Exercise Physiology.
During that time he had the opportunity to develop his laboratory and field research skills under Dr. David Bruce Dill and Dr. Sid Robinson, world-recognized leaders in the field of human responses to work and environmental stresses.
Later he accepted the position of Research Physiologist at the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, San Antonio, Texas. During his years with the Air Force, Dr. Myhre became the lead scientist for studying problems related to work and heat stresses imposed on military ground crew. As a result of this work, Dr. Myhre was named the School of Aerospace Medicine’s “Outstanding Civilian Scientist of the Year”.

Frank Cruthers

A 37 year veteran of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), Deputy Commissioner Cruthers is the first to have served two terms as Chief of Department – first in 1996 and again from 2002-2004. After graduating from the Fire Academy in 1968, he was assigned to Brooklyn, where he worked in Ladder Companies 110 and 120 for nine years before his promotion to Lieutenant and assignment to Ladder Company 105. He advanced to Captain in 1983 and transferred to Ladder Company 143 in Queens.
Assuming the Command of Operations at the World Trade Center following the collapse of the towers, Deputy Commissioner Cruthers served as Incident Commander for one month after the terrorist attack. He has trained newly promoted Officers at the Fire Academy, and he has lectured in the United States and Europe and served on the Presidential Emergency Response Advisory Committee.

Hartmuth von Maltzahn

Hartmuth Freiherr von Maltzahn brings to Viisage 10 years of management and marketing & sales experience. He is a member of the executive board of Viisage Technology AG and Vice President within the Viisage Group responsible for sales, service and marketing in EMEA & AP. Before working for Viisage Hartmuth held various positions with ABB both in the United States and Germany, including corporate planning and strategy, internal management consultancy as well as head of sales of an European group company. He studied physics and business administration at University of Heidelberg and Berlin Technological University.

Neil Budworth
Neil Budworth is the Health and Safety Manager for Severn Trent Water and is the President Elect of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.
Neil has worked as a health and safety advisor in the chemical, engineering and printing sectors. He has worked for Bayer plc the chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer, NSK who manufacture bearings and for The British Printing Industries Federation.
Neil has worked extensively with IOSH, chairing the committees which developed the Institution’s policies on the safety of young people and on occupational health.
Neil has also been involved in various government committees, the most recent of which was the Continuous Improvement Programme Action Group where he was the primary author of the strategic document examining the role of market segmentation in effectively delivering health and safety messages.

Robert Triozzi

Chief Robert Triozzi is a 30 year fire service veteran who began his career in 1975 with the Harrison, New York Fire Department where he served as a firefighter and Engine Company Lieutenant. Triozzi served as the Fire Protection Officer for the U.S. Embassies to Italy and the Vatican and went to Bosnia to assist the Sarajevo Fire Department with the United Nations Protection Force in 1993. In 1995, as Assistant Fire Chief, Triozzi took charge of fire safety for the United Nations Rome office. In September 2001 Chief Triozzi organized the Fire Rescue Development Program (FRDP).
The FRDP is the only Fire Rescue NGO recognized and accredited by the United Nations and has helped to reorganize, train, advise and equip the fire services in amongst others, Iraq, Afghanistan and Bahrain.
Chief Triozzi has had the distinction of working with firefighters in 38 countries on 5 continents.

Simon Ancliffe

Simon is the Managing Director of Evacuation Strategies Ltd, which helps organisations to make their evacuation and invacuation plans resilient and effective against the new terrorist threats.
Simon has advised organisations and venues as diverse as the Dubai Metro, the MTR and KCRC metros in Hong Kong, the Beijing Olympic Stadium, the London Olympics bid, the Amsterdam Police and the Glastonbury Festival, as well as banks and retailers.
Simon developed the innovative KORUS real-time communication- and decision-support software used at Canary Wharf to facilitate evacuation and proven in the recent London bombings.

Stewart Kidd

Stewart Kidd is a loss prevention specialist with significant experience in the application of modern risk management techniques in commerce, industry and the public sector. He prepared the standard insurers’ guidance on fires on construction sites, empty premises, protection of premises against terrorist attack and gas turbine generators.
From 1975 - 1987 he held a range of loss prevention posts in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Hong Kong and Bahrain.
He is President of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers, Vice Chairman of the Security Institute, a past Governor of the Institute of Risk Management, Secretary-General of the British Automatic Sprinkler Association and a Director of the Fire Industry Confederation. He sits on a number of US, UK and European working groups and standards committees.

Tarique Ghaffur

Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur is the highest-ranking Asian police officer in the United Kingdom.
He has responsibility for the Specialist Crime Directorate within the Metropolitan Police Service which includes Homicide Investigation, Serious Gun Crime including Operation Trident, Class A drug Supply, Children as Victims, Flying Squad, Economic and Public Sector Crime, Organised and Economic Crime, the Director of Intelligence, Forensic Science Services and the Crime Academy.
Mr Ghaffur has a BA (Hons) in Public Administration and an MA in Criminology. In November 2003 he received an honorary Doctor of Law from University of East London. Having received the Queens Police Medal in 2001 for his services to policing he has most recently been further recognised through the award of CBE in the 2004 Queens Birthday Honours List.

Zyg Kowalczyk

Zyg Kowalczyk has been Director of London Resilience Team since it was created in October 2001. He was previously Director of the award winning London Bus Initiative (on secondment to Transport for London), and before that he was at the Government Office for London where he headed the multi-agency team which co-ordinated London’s preparations for the millennium (bug and celebrations). Earlier experience included amongst others being Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Citizen’s Charter Unit, heading the DOE’s central–local government relations team, directing a programme of assistance for the development of democratic local government in Eastern Europe, delivering the DOE’s ‘lead government department’ role during the storms and floods of 1990 and serving as a Private Secretary to both DOE and DfT Ministers.

Bill Tillbrook

Chief Superintendent Bill Tillbrook took command of the Metropolitan Police Clubs & Vice in the Spring of 2003.
Upon joining the Met in 1980, he served as a Constable in Harlesden and has undertaken a variety of uniformed roles in the intervening 25 years, including a posting on the Territorial Support Group as an Inspector and on Ilford and Plaistow Divisions as a Chief Inspector when he became a member of the Met’s Advanced Public Order Team.

David Scott

David Scott is Head of London Fire Brigade Special Operations Group. The London Fire Brigade is the largest Fire Service in the UK and one of the largest in the world.
Dave commenced his fire service career in London in 1979 and was promoted to Senior Divisional Officer on the 1 September 2005 and immediately took up the post of Head of Special Operations Group which is responsible for managing a number of projects to improve the London Fire Brigade’s capability to deal with a range of major and catastrophic incidents.
The Special Operations Group has additional responsibility for the implementation of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister New Dimension Programme within London. This includes Mass Decontamination, High Volume Pumping, Urban Search and Rescue.

Dr. Mansoor Alawar

Dr. Alawar is Director General of the Total Quality Department at Dubai Police and Founder as well as Vice President of the e-TQM College Dubai which is the first accredited e-learning institution in the Middle East and North Africa.
He is also Founder of the ‘Emirates Business Women Award’ at the Dubai Quality Group and CEO of Dubai Institute for Human Resource Development. Dr. Alawar is a member of the first Education Council in Dubai Government and Lecturer at Sharjah University in the Executive MBA Program.

Neil Wallington

Neil Wallington joined the fire service as a youngster gaining much of his early firefighting and rescue experience during his 16 years on the busiest central West End fire stations of the London Fire Brigade.
His career progressed into the senior ranks of the London, West Sussex, and Bedfordshire Fire Brigades before Neil was appointed Chief Fire Officer of Mid Glamorgan in 1985, and of Devon Fire & Rescue Service in 1987.
Amongst his various awards is the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct for his leadership and actions during a serious London hotel fire.
Neil Wallington was elected International President of the Institution of Fire Engineers 1989-90, and for a number of years served on the UK government’s national committee concerned with the development of British firefighting and rescue services.

Roger Smith

Roger Smith served as a senior officer in the British Fire Service for 38 years. For the last seven years of his service he was at the Fire Service College which is the internationally renowned Centre for Training and Development for Fire and Emergency Services. The College is part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and is an established trading fund dealing with Disaster and Emergency Planning, Civil Resilience to Terrorist attack, Fire Safety and Fire Engineering, Hazardous Materials and Health and Safety, together with Fire Training.
Roger has a broad base of experience and has led Research and Development Teams including Control Centre Operations for computer based mobilising systems as well as taking command of Emergency Incidents. He has also been involved with Emergency Planning at County Council level for civil contingency for disaster and also specialised in Fire Safety.

His Excellency Dhahi Khalfan Tamim

"He currently holds a variety of important and prestigious post
including: Board Member of Dubai Executive Council, Chairman of Emirates Society for The Gifted, Chairman Juvenile Education Association, President of Total Quality Management Collage and Chairman of Athletics Union (UAE). He graduated from Royal Police Academy in Amman (Jordan) in 1970 and rose rapidly up through the ranks within the Dubai Police leading to his current role as Commander in Chief of Dubai Police Headquarters."

Thomas A. Tass

Thomas A. Tass is the Executive Director and one of the founding members of Borderpol since it received its Charter from the Government of Canada in 2001.
In operation since 2003, Borderpol is a worldwide organization supported by various governments and private sector institutions that concerns its activities with researching and advising border services regarding cross border issues.
Possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of border control and border management, Thomas Tass is sought after consultant and during 2004 lead a team of international experts in Kosovo on behalf of the European Union in an effort to improve the security in that troubled region.


Rickard A. Clarke
Former Counterterrorism Czar

Dick Lee
Commissioner of Police, Hong Kong, SAR China

Charles S. Phalen, Jr.
Assistant Director Security Division FBI


By David Heng - CEO Biometrics Division Europe

Security breaches continue to emerge plaguing organizations; today is the launch of our newly developed superior hardware & software security storage solution which protects your workstation from cybercriminals within and on the go via our product, called the Signature Pro. Read More

By Chris Burke Managing Director MicroLatch

Recent questions have been raised about the vulnerabilities of physical access control systems. In my opinion, the majority of attacks are generally simple in nature and involve a person already associated in some manner with the entity.
Read More

Integrating Security Solutions by Lisa Roy
VP Global Security & Fire Safety Solutions Johnson Controls

As a global leader of integrated security solutions, Johnson Controls understands the importance of protecting life, property and assets. In today’s turbulent economy, emerging forces in the marketplace are driving business results. Read More

By CEO Panagiotis Zarifopoulos of Zarifopoulos S.A

Zarifopoulos S.A., with it’s over 35 years experience, is a Company which fully fulfills the above requirements. Our trained scientific and technical personnel, with its experience, knowledge and responsibility, furnish the Company with the necessary elements to be in line with the growing demands of end users. Read More

MOBOTIX ... The HiRes Video CompanyWorld's No.1 in Megapixel by Dr. Ralf Hinkel

The Market Demands Better Image Quality

When it comes to future-proof video surveillance systems, it’s not a matter of analog or digital; it’s a question of high-resolution or not. Read More

What happened to the Multi-Billion Dollar Biometric Industry? by Steve Campisi.

We were missing a clear vision on three factors: risk, value proposition, and convenience (RVC). We were unaware of how particularly risk and convenience related to the value proposition, specifically within the government and private sectors. Risk is intangible. It is something we try to mitigate through processes, procedures, and technology deployments.

Read More

[Future Direction for System Integrators] Hanan Rozner - Managing Director EMEA - PCSC

Future Direction for System Integrators : CCTV is a Device of Access Control
Endorsed and Supported by ISIO, International Security Industry Organization
. Read More




Dr. Frucht CEO - Dr Frucht Sytems
Perimeter Control, Homeland Security

Dr. Frucht Systems focuses HLS activity in high-performance Laser Radar based detection systems for Perimeter Security. These products meet the market requirements for high performance detection systems which can be integrated in fixed or mobile applications.

Over the past period, we feel the growing demand for..... Read More

Professional View Point by Raphael Kahn

Perimeter Security

I was driving past long stretches of fencing, all painted in green with a V of barbed wire on top.

On most places beautiful green plants grew against this fencing and it looked all so well kept, as you would expect from this country. At the entrance gates access control was well maintained by armed guards, checking each ID and making sure only authorized people would enter.

There was only one problem…. Read More

By Adam Roslly, Managing Director - Radmik Solutions

Security is the main concern in the society, every part of the world today. It has emerged as an important element of life assurance and comfort. News can be heard highlighting security stories everyday.

CCTV is one of the famous solutions to ensure security at public areas and even for retail owners. Video security professional systems have always been extremely propulsive business especially if the company endures sometimes quite trenchant pretensions of the security market and launches its efforts into the development zone. Read More


The Upcoming New Technology
by Mr. Dennis Lim, Managing Director Elid Technology

"I believe that the Biometric Systems with proven technologies that can identify and verify individual based on physical or behavioral attributes, will be the next fastest growing market. The main biometric systems involved fingerprint systems, facial recognition systems, iris recognition systems, and hand geometry system..." Read full editorial

Geoff Berry, Director, Merlin 360:
" The demand for integration of cutting edge technology into security products is as relevant today as ever. Continual monitoring and controlling of the movements of personnel, visitors and high value assets is now not only feasible, but a reality.
The Merlin 360 system provides a monitoring and exception reporting system not previously available. The system is capable of automatically monitoring and controlling the movements of visitors without the need for an escort. It can locate high value assets, providing not only security, but very attractive ROI.
By maximizing the utilization of assets, reductions in inventory can reach 50%. Think Correctional Facility, think high security environment and think Merlin 360."

Vicky Rutherford, President of Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp.:
As the need for security heightens, it is vital that the security industry achieves a balance between physical security and life safety. With the proper selection and installation of access control hardware, industrial, residential, commercial, institutional and healthcare facilities can allow free egress in the event of an emergency, while also maintaining security.
RCI offers a complete line of electric locking products as well as access and egress control systems to the architectural hardware, security and locksmith industries."

Maxim Ushakov - President, TS-Market
"Present-day tendency of developing the market of audio/video recorders directs first of all towards further record quality improvement and functional expanding, due to net technology integration and the use of ever growing processors computing capabilities.
The next important changes of audio/video recorders are power consumption lowering and increasing of the used memory - hard disk drives or flash memory.
Use of all the above-stated achievements provides us with a good possibility to create modern recorders with minimal sizes and perfectly competitive with usual devices by functionality and technical performances.

Nevertheless our company already offers the products, which completely conform to the tendency, and we plan to offer several more audio/video recorders by the end of this year. The products will use the latest achievements and surpass not only our own products, which are the first in the world by the size of battery, power consumption and functionality, but also the awaited world analogues.
" . Go to TS - Market
Joe Grillo, President and CEO of HID:
"Although orders of new cards triple in the two months following Sept. 11, it was not a windfall for HID," said Joe Grillo, President and CEO of HID.

Mr. Grillo noted that access cards are HID's lowest-margin business, and that HID gave up some profits by waiving fees typically charged for faster service.

"There has been a greater amount of interest in HID's higher margin cards (i.e., contactless smart cards that carry a biometric), but it hasn't translated into many more orders," Grillo said. "Security is not going to add to your bottom line--it's just a necessary evil."

Don Coker - President- Seevid Inc:
"With the increased Facility Security Requirements in the Western United States since 9/11, we have seen a tremendous growth from our Commercial Industrial, School, Military and Casino customer base for our product offering of integrated Digital Recording/Remote Monitoring products that are integrated with other systems including Access Control, Facial Recognition and Area Surveillance."

Godfrey McFall – Associate Director, Advantage System Solutions
In a world where the demands on the security services are becoming ever more challenging, there is growing need to harness the latest technologies to increase protection and reduce risk. Our customers want rapidly deployable, scalable security solutions that can solve their problems quickly and effectively, and which can integrate seamlessly with their existing systems. Advantage System Solutions has addressed this challenge in the UK with the delivery of its unique ISIS suite of security capabilities.

Mr.Pradit Sirijindaphan, Managing Director Green Technology Engineering Co. Ltd.:
"The demand for security related products from Access control to Advanced biometric recording in Southeast Asia is booming now as last year terror in Bali shocked the world after 911. More people are demanding high standard equipments to protect theirs properties.There are a lot of opportunity for professional in security anti- terror world. This year more people want to invest to upgrade theirs security system or find a good one."


Shayne Hughes , National Operations Manager, Total Task Security International:
"Over the last 16 years the security industry has undergone some dramatic changes, changes that reflect the intensity of protecting all aspects of civilization. As the technology grows around us, the training, experience and operation on how we perform the selected function is always at hand. I believe that growth for the industry is through professional development from the guardhouse to the system integrators to the managing directors. The industry as a whole needs to empower education and never lose sight of our goal. To protect people, property and information from any breach of security.

TTSI understands security and the relevance of protection. We offer electronic security, physical and personal security, security transportation, and security training. Each are fields with their own levels of expertise. TTSI assesses the needs and outcomes of the security service being sought. We will either source the experts of each field or have our own professionals deliver the service.

Our aim is to provide a complete approach to security by networking with industry professionals so we can all work towards our goal."

Rudolf Kevato,Chairman, Hotronic Delta:
"We are a security products ( CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Access Control, Fire Alarm ) wholesale firm in Estonia. We are a distributor for JVC Professional, Cooper Security, Apollo Security, Yoko Technology, CTNCOM, Transpac, Funktel.
After 11th of September, and before Estonia joins with EU and NATO, there has been a growth for demand of integrated security systems. In 2003 we will do our best to offer up-to-date security solutions in cooperation with our suppliers "

Mr. Peter Charagionis, CEO of Chronografiki S.A.
The forthcoming Athens Olympics have created increased demands for advanced security systems. Such events are potential terrorists targets but also targets for common criminals. Stadiums, airports, public transportation, hotels and other areas with big traffic of people, need increased surveillance and protection. Our company can provide high tech solutions to most of them."

Alex Radwill, Business Development Manager, ViDOG Pty Ltd
" ViDOG Pty Ltd is young and dynamic start-up company registered and operated in Australia & New Zealand. Despite the fact that the company is only one year in the market, we already established good business relationship with major security wholesalers and suppliers in New South Wales including Merit Li-Lin, The Spy Supply shop etc… "


Col. Armando Stavole, I.C.A. - International Consulting Agency
"After the Soviet Empire collapse, military security with anything else related is not the most important issue any more - homeland & global security are gaining dramatically and swiftly more and more importance.

More and more the hi-tech research & development as well better training are going to reduce the technological and professional gap between defense and law enforcemet with other security civilian organizations

Today, organized crime and terrorism are thinking and acting globally, their top ranks are cool and with no borders at all and in any sense, they are full of money and stupid and/or fanatic manpower. Either we, the good guys, move fastly and firmly, or we will succumb."

Security Professional PEOPLE News

Altronix announces the creation of a National Accounts Manager position that enables the company to best support its expanding line of systems-based power products. The company has tapped security industry veteran Ronnie Pennington to join Altronix in this position. View

Luigi Portaluri Joins March Networks as Vice President, EMEA Sales

March Networks® is pleased to welcome Luigi Portaluri to its sales management team in the position of Vice President, Sales for the company’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) operations.

Mr. Portaluri has more than 20 years of experience in the security industry, primarily focused on developing public and private sector accounts, as well as leading sales and support channels. During his career, he has overseen the management of multiple sales teams across Western Europe, with responsibility for both regional and in-country strategic business development. Read More

Peter Jen President of GKB recieves Award

GKB earned the 15 th National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises

This year, GKB earned the 15 th National Award, which was awarded by the president of Taiwan. (There are 7 companies were selected this year. 4 of them are now publicly listed.)

The National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprise is to honor companies that have made outstanding contributions to the economy, making it stronger and more solid. There have been 164 outstanding SMEs were selected since 1992, amongst which more than 40% are now publicly listed. Those award winners with excellent performance encourage and inspire the rest of the industry and the domestic SMEs.

market-leading solutions for the public safety, homeland security, transporation and gaming markets. Read More

Peter Strom, President & CEO, March Networks
Peter Strom is President and Chief Executive Officer of March Networks. Mr. Strom joined the company in early 2003 as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, assuming responsibility for global sales and product development strategies for networked digital video solutions targeted at vertical market applications.
In October 2003, Mr. Strom was promoted to Chief Operating Officer with the objectives to expand the company into new geographic territories and to leverage the power of broadband to drive the commercialization of its converged video, voice and data platform targeted at specific markets.

Prior to joining March Networks, he spent more than 10 years in the security industry, including a two-year term as President and CEO of Gyyr Inc., a $30M (US) ISO 9000 certified manufacturer of networked-based video and data storage systems. In 2001, Mr. Strom oversaw the sale of Gyyr to Silent Witness. He has also held senior management positions at Sensormatic, Honeywell and Mosler Inc. and has considerable international experience, having served as President of Mosler's Canada and China regions.Mr. Strom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University and a Master of Business Administration from Concordia University.

Kelly McManus Promoted to Marketing Manager at RCI
Kelly McManus has been promoted to the position of marketing manager at Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp. (RCI). In her new position, she will oversee the entire marketing department and work closely with the sales team and distributors to promote RCI and its products through marketing, advertising and sales. The promotion comes at a strategic time as RCI introduces new products and expands into new markets.

McManus joined the RCI team in April 2002, as marketing coordinator and quickly advanced to the marketing supervisor position by October 2002. “As marketing manager, I hope to hope to take advantage of the synergies between marketing and sales, increase the brand awareness of RCI and its products and strengthen RCI’s position as a global company,” said McManus.

“Kelly has demonstrated a strong commitment to RCI, a desire to learn and grow and the ability to lead,” said company president, Vicky Rutherford. “Not only has she worked hard to build a strong marketing team, but she also understands the importance of building strong relationships outside of her department - not only with her coworkers, within RCI - but also with customers and vendors.”

In addition to RCI, McManus serves as vice president of public relations for the Ontario Toastmasters.

Kelly McManus is based in the company’s Cambridge, Ontario corporate headquarters and may be reached at 800-265-6630 or at
Michael Sol., Project Supervisor, Intelligent Video Systems, Inc. Lead Supervisor of RFP, system integrators training and support worldwide.



Taly Steenekamp - Marcom manager, Synel Industries
My job includes determination and control of corporate image of the company and its affiliates, as well as general PR with the press and media, local and world wide.
In addition, it includes marketing and marketing communications support of the company’s dealers around the world.


HID has hired a Regional Sales Manager to cover the Australia/ New Zealand region, in HID's ongoing effort to provide localized service and convenient customer support internationally.
With over 16 years of experience in the electronics and access control industries, Michael Danger is well known in the region, and will be based in Sydney, Austra

Michael Liddy has joined Indala as Territory Sales Manager for the Western Region of North America, operating out of Indala's San Jose office.
Michael brings with him over ten years of electronic security industry experience in various capacities. His immediate focus is to develop business relationships
with new and existing Indala customers.

HID Appoints Director of Business Development In Asia Pacific
Ryan Okuda has been promoted to Director of Business Development for HID Corporation. After working at HID's headquarters in Irvine, California the past 11 years, Ryan has established an office in Tokyo, Japan. In his new position, his focus will shift from operations, manufacturing and engineering to sales and customer relations. The opening of the Japan office is another step in HID's ongoing effort to make doing business easier for international customers.

Vlado Damjanovski, Editor CCTV Focus Magazine and CCTV Labs:

"In the last couple of years CCTV is going through a major boom with the introduction of digital video recorders (DVRs). This trend is continuing in 2003, but when talking about DVRs near future, there are two things that have become clearer to many CCTV installers and users.

Firstly, there has been a “natural” selection amongst brands in regards to system durability, stability and performance. Users and installers have now learnt that irrespective of what was claimed about the DVRs they have decided to install (pictures per second, days of storage, split-screen displays…), the most important feature is the longevity of the unit. There is simply no use having a recorder with 400 pictures per second for 16 cameras recording capability (as claimed by some manufacturers these days) if such a recorder can not run for more than a few months without breaking down. In 2003 many installers have a very good idea which machine can and which can not perform. Such longevity depends clearly on the hardware, as well as the software.

Secondly, most good DVRs have grown up to the level of looking into things beyond just fast recording and good picture quality – in helping users have intelligent machines by making their searches quicker and by having more automation in their surveillance operation. Many DVR manufacturers now start including clever algorithms in processing images, such as face and licence plate recognition; analysis of the image content, such as car stopping in a busy motorway; detecting removal of valuable objects in museums and galleries; etc, all of which is done automatically, by intelligent analysis of the live or playback video."

Mr. Paul Russel, Editor Security News Online.

"2011' will see a further maturing of the Security Supply Industry.

We will see further reduction in Armed Forces personnel, the merging of UK Police Forces and further integration of the Emergency services (joint command & control etc;). The line between Defence & Security Procurement will get thinner and the Security Supply Industry will find itself for at least another year uniquely placed to take advantage of a fear-driven environment that should see increased spend, particularly in the Public Sector. The Private Sector is still seemingly slow to respond to the threats of the modern world and security still seems way down the corporate agenda.

Security News Online will continue to bring the most up to date Security Industry News direct to your desktop so that Procurement Officers can be kept informed of the latest developments from the Security Supply Industry".

Mr. Philip Baum, Editor, "Aviation Security"
"Whilst the world concentrates on the September 11th tragedy, other aircraft continue to be hijacked on other parts of the globe. In China, Ethiopia, Columbia, and Iran this year alone. Aviation security must not be xenophobic and learn to respond to all manner of threats wherever they may exist."

Mr Philippe Marc, Managing Editor, "SecurityPark":
"New technologies are rapidly changing the Security industry. publishes industry and company news on a daily basis and its extensive articles archives and its comprehensive industry directory are therefore the ideal source of information for Security Professionals who want to keep ahead of the latest developments."

Alex Vella, CEO (800-789-8372)
"Speaking to the point of security product distribution, 'systems integrators' are the drivers of this industry segment. Commercial CCTV is the future for installers who want to own their own business. Direct sales and compression will continue at greater levels. is the online marketplace for the security industry professional; delivering BuyDirect(tm) for wholesale product sales, and BizTools for business news and services live, 24 hours a day."

Lennart Alexandrie, Publisher, Ar Media International:
"Since 2003 has been a period of relatively slow growth or probably non-growth, my belief is that 2004 is going to be the year when the security service providers will start to make business again. The bottom has been hit and there is no other way than uphill for trade with security products and services.
The telecom sector will substantially increase their sales during 2004 after some disasterous years. It will be the year that signals the breakthrough of the 3 G-nets which will have an impact on all sectors, more or less. The world's economy will show significant signs of recovery, even though threats and actions from terrorists may continue to disturb and slow down the positive economic development a bit
The security technology will continue to head towards digitalization, especially the product segment network video systems which will have a significant growth. The demand for wireless alarm systems will continue to increase, as will the demand for RFID solutions in access control applications. In general 2011 will be the turning point for the industrial world - in a positive way."

ISIO is the only security trade organization that is aligned with vertical markets, such as, Cargo Security, Building Security, Port Security, Prison Security, Hotel & Casino Security, Hospital and Military and Defense Security.

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